2018 Interior Trends

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Why be a wallflower?

When I was growing up, my mum always told me ‘Who wants to be a wallflower?’ It’s
a saying that’s always stuck with me and something I revolt against without even
realising when it comes to home interior styling.  I have selective vision.  By this I mean I
literally cannot see things unless they are quirky, sparkly, unusual or downright ludicrous.

Sorry Hygge…

I walked in a Hygge style shop the other day and it took me a full minute before I realised that I was even in a home accessories shop at all.   I’m like a blind woman. ‘Where is the stuff?’ I asked my friend. ‘It’s everywhere’, she replied.  For all you Hygge lovers out there I’m sorry!  I really do appreciate the aesthetics of Hygge but its a little too grown up for me, its something I aspire to when I grow up and start wearing my big girl pants.
And don’t get me started on beige or greige.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I think Magnolia should be removed from the face of the earth and if it ever makes a big come back I will become a hermit and live in a shoe.  Now grey on the other hand I can embrace into the fold.  Deep dark grey walls accentuated with brass and darker tones can be super lust worthy.


Pantones 2017 colour of the year was named as ‘Greenery’.  This is a trend I am super excited about and one that I think will be continuing on to great things in 2018. Emerald green is a colour I will be including in the Luxe Cottage dining room revamp and the one that I’ve gone for is Mercer Green from Abigail Ahern’s paint collection.
Abigail describes this colour as ‘[Mercer Green] teams beautifully with almost every other hue. Its deep, intoxicating color creates a stunning accent. Strong and reassuring, it adds instant glamour to whatever it touches. Beautiful in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.’
Image Abigail Ahern Mercer Green
Ultraviolet has been announced as Pantones 2018 colour of the year, a blue-based purple which they say can take our ‘awareness and potential to a whole new level’.   I’m initially a little wary about going the whole hog and painting a room in Utraviolet so maybe some purple accents in the form of home accessories will be the way forward for incorporating this colour into our homes without commitment.
Image Pantone colour of the year 2017 Ultra Violet


I have a feeling that velvet will continue to feature massively in 2018 interior decor trends, especially when it comes to sofas.  From traditional Chesterfield’s to mid-century styles and contemporary designs, velvet sofas can’t help but make me go aaaaaaaghhh. Some of my favourite Instagram accounts I discovered because of a picture flashing by on my feed featuring their legendary sofas.
Image Come Down to the Woods
Image The Girl with the Green Sofa
After the Luxe Cottage renovation we didn’t have the budget for new sofas so instead chose to tart up some cheap second-hand ones with dark green velvet cushions from Matalan, a snip at only £12 each and I like the idea that I can chop and change them like the wind – like my mood Mr Luxe would say.
Image Luxe in the Cottage
House of Hackney are absolutely rocking the velvet fabric stakes with a profusion of totally dazzling designs including ‘Tigre’ inspired by the markings on a tigress, available in lengths of fabric as well as matching wallpaper, lampshades and cushion covers.  This pattern literally makes me drool and I love the clash of this chaise against the wallpaper behind it.
Image House of Hackney

Mixed Metallics

As the name of this blog may suggest, I am a HUGE fan of metallic.  Last year saw copper become absolutely massive and although I don’t think it’s completely had its day, in 2018 I’m expecting us to see much more gold and mixed metallics, maybe even with a little silver thrown in dare I say?

If you’re a little nervous about painting a whole wall gold like me, why not dip your toe into the trend with some metallic home accessories.  These golden ants on the console table in our hall are a real talking point, available from Audenza.

I have copper accents in my kitchen which I selected before copper became so mainstream that even all the high street stores have offerings in it.  A kitchen is a purchase that you cannot change on a whim with every fleeting trend and I’m still so happy with the choices we made as my Marmite kitchen gives me all the thrills in all the right places.

Image Luxe in the Cottage (that is my reflection in the oven door haha)

So for now all it needs me to do is wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Lots of love as always G x

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