5 Simple Tricks to Reinvent Your Interior


LUXEOLOGY was built on the ethos that your home should be a reflection of you.

We think that all homes should be designed without the constraints of worrying what others think of them.  In fact, we absolutely relish it when an interior makes you wonder if you like it, if that wallpaper goes with that particular shade of paint, if that cushion clashes with the sofa.  It's in those moments, those design choices, that genius is created.

And ultimately, if your home makes your heart swell when you walk in, then what could be more perfect than that?

We also realise that it can sometimes be difficult to establish just what your style is.  There are so many interior styles around and with the world of Instagram thrusting down your throat maximalism, eclecticism, mid-century, industrial, boho chic and many more, its really tough to stay true to you.

Here at LUXEOLOGY we don't believe in sticking to one style.  That is far too constrained for us!  We like to mix it up a bit, go with the gut, that way the end result is generally far more exciting and innovative than styling by numbers will ever be.

To help you guys out we've picked out the 5 most simplest changes you can make to update and reinvent your interior.


1. Layering old & new



One of the easiest and by far interesting ways to individualise your interior scheme is layering old with new.  So by this, we mean marrying something old or vintage or even something that looks a little worn with new and shiny purchases.

Think carefully about what you decide to introduce.  We don't mean just plonking a vintage sideboard in a room full of minimalist modern pieces, this won't work as the sideboard will stand out like a sore thumb.

Look for accessories that compliment an old piece, so team a vintage sideboard with a few trinkets from that era that help to ground it.  It's all about telling the story of who you are.  Not hiding away accessories that you have collected over the years in fact make a feature of them, for instance make a gallery wall of old plates or baskets.



Steer clear from 'one stop shop' interior design.  This will make for a dull and impersonal space that will do nothing to reflect you as a person or communicate what is important to you in your life.  Remember, not everyone will love it, they will definitely feel something though and you should be proud of what you have created.


2. Feature woodwork and doors



We at LUXEOLOGY are huge fans of contrasting wood work especially in period homes where you'll no doubt have fabulous high and intricate designed skirting boards and cornicing.  It's one of the simplest and most effective ways to add drama and intrigue to your interior schemes.



Painting an interior door in a dark colour adds richness and depth when contrasting with lighter walls.  It can elevate a simple design scheme with only a pot of paint, albeit with a fair bit of graft.  A great option for hallways where there are several doors opening onto one area, it helps unify the space without taking away from the overall effect which is one of striking impact.


Image credit Monica Wants It


Painting an interior door in a bold funky colour adds a huge jolt of personality and entertainment and helps to add drama.  It makes a space interesting and punchy.  It tells a story about you as a person, about being brave enough to step away from the norm.  Its great to choose contrasting colours that potentially clash, using paint in an unusual way is a simple cost effective trick to create a fabulous home interior.


Image credit House & Home



3. Add plants


Home of interior designer Nina Litchfield. Photo credit: www.mercer.edu.au


One of the simplest ways to add drama and character into your home is with the addition of plants, be them real or faux, we don't mind.  Real plants have the added benefit of helping to reduce stress and lower certain pollutants, so an added bonus.  Glossy green leaves look wonderful and with the myriad of choice of plants available on the market there are endless ways of creating a dramatic display.



Beautiful plants can really make a space!  Think big architectural plants, not just crammed into the corner, but a full feature as important as the sofa.  Offering a wonderful injection of vibrant colour, plants can work as an expressive piece of art in your home.



But we're not just talking big plants, small plants have a huge part to play in making your interior feel alive and feel more you.  Cacti and succulents look amazing in stylish pots, grouped together on shelves or coffee tables.  A versatile way to add a design feature in any room of the house, small plants can be moved around to change up a look whenever you feel.



4. Add something pink


We could wax lyrical all day long about the benefits of pink in interior design schemes.

However we are not talking barbie shiny pink (unless of course it's a child under the age of 10's room).  There's two ways of looking at pink in interiors.  The first would be blush toned, muted pink.  In a fantastic matte finish, this type of pink looks great on walls, cushions or bedding.  Lifting and calming, modern shades of pink bring a restful feeling to interiors.


Image Cloud Nine Interiors


Now......you're gonna have to bear with us on this one, but we are massive advocates of being brave when it comes to interiors.... so we couldn't just talk about grown up pinks could we?  We spoke about Barbie pink, but there is a way of designing bold and brash pinks that not only look cool but also totally stylish.  The key is to committing to the overall effect.  Go whole hog, paint walls in bold pink and skirting boards in a clashing alternative colour.  

In the picture below, the design features gorgeous fuchsia pink walls but what makes the whole scheme tie together is the lime green chesterfield sofa, making the overall look modern and edgy.



This super cool living room is rocking not one but two shades of super cool pink.  Colour blocking a punchier raspberry pink looks not only cool but totally individual and the grey sofa grounds the scheme and makes it liveable.  Copper lighting adds a modern and design led aesthetic which steers it away from being 'brash' and hard on the eye.



5. Animal Print


Ok.....drum roll....now we come on to our favourite.  Animal print.

This has to be the coolest and funkiest way to mix up your interior design.  

A total game changer when it comes to interiors, animal print is both exciting and scary in equal measures.  Negotiating the line between styling an on-trend, inspiring space and ending up with a nightmare, dodgy B&B vibe can be terrifying.

The key is to start small.  Introduce animal print carefully and decidedly and confidently.  Don't make it look like an accident.  Be proud of your design choice.  Then, if you feel like it, work up to adding more pieces until you get to the look you're after. 

If you love it, go for it big time!  Layer a leopard print rug with giraffe cushions.  Pop a bright coloured cushion onto a leopard print armchair.  Animal print is a focal point in a room but also enhances colours already in the room making a design pop.


Image credit Jeweled Interiors

Image credit Bealach_uige_bothy




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