5 Steps To Take Your Outside Space From Gloomy to Va-Va Voomy

At Luxeology Home we want to make homes that are beautiful inside and out.
One important thing we've learnt over the last year is that less isn't more when there's a pandemic! Go on... live your extra life, and go all out on styling your outdoor seating area. With the UK lockdown slowly lifting, from 29th March people will be allowed to meet outside, either with one other household or within the "rule of six", including in private gardens, So theres no better time to give your outdoor spaces a style overhaul.
This leads us onto our 5 easy steps to makeover your outdoor seating area. 

Step 1

We have to start somewhere and in this case we think the best place to start is with your basic frame.
Pick furniture that suits the function of the space you want to create, whether its for relaxed lounging or for al fresco dining, the furniture you choose needs to be suitable for your needs. Work with your budget, garden furniture is not always budget friendly so try not to overstretch yourself, remember its the details that make the design and accessorising will be your secret weapon.

 Step 2

Textiles often get forgotten in outdoor areas due to the outside elements, with people opting for generally more dull and uncomfortable weatherproof cushions but as long as you take your soft furnishings in with you on an evening then theres no reason why you cant incorporate them beautifully into your space.

Soft furnishings add vital texture and colour to a design. Elevate your scheme by contrasting modern, vibrant and indulgent fabrics with rustic natural woven elements. Soft furnishings are also perfect for taking your space from day to night with ease. We can just imagine cosying up under the stars with a soft throw and plump cushions. 

 Step 3

This may be a controversial one but don't judge us too quickly... Faux plants.

We know that enjoying the great outdoors is all about connecting with the nature around us but not everyone is blessed with large green gardens and that’s where Faux and artificial plants come in. A delightful faux plant or bouquet is the perfect accessory for a balcony or patio where no green thumbs are necessary. 

Step 4

Accessorise! This is our favourite part, the part where you will see your design really come together. With the minimalist trend on it’s way out, give way to more layered, collected and stylised spaces.

Create a stunning display on your table with the use of trays and small decorative items to add depth and character. We like to use items with different heights to add dimension. Finish decorating your outdoor seating area by setting out your favourite drinks and some snacks to enjoy whilst you relax. 

Step 5

Last but never least. Now that you have created the perfect place to escape and unwind make the most of it by inviting friends and family around (follow the UK lockdown rules of course). If you're anything like us though you'll just be outside enjoying the space you've designed with your furry friends.  


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