A Guide To Styling Your Home For Entertaining Guests

Party season will soon be upon us… we hope!

It’s time to start adding that extra dose of intrigue to your home. Even if we are limited in numbers or we have to resort to video calls, we can still set the perfect inviting scene in our homes. After all it really isn’t all about guests, it’s about how your home décor makes you feel!

Getting your home 'event' ready is all about adding those wow factor pieces that make guests stop and stare, those totally unique furnishings that you just can’t help but touch and the perfect complimentary accessories to level up any events.

Let’s talk mirrors. It’s no secret that we humans love to look at ourselves, sometimes that unexpected glimpse as you walk past can leave you with the sudden realisation of ‘Damn I look good’ but more often than not it's ‘have I really walked around looking like this all day!’   Either way we just can’t help but look.

Statement pieces are so important when it comes to dressing your home, that’s why having a show stopping mirror in a hallway, living room or bathroom is a must, both you and your guests will be instantly drawn to it. You're in luck because we have curated a small collection of the most unreal mirrors to add the WOW factor to your home.


Trays are necessary, I don’t care who tells you they aren’t! Trays are so versatile and can create such striking and dynamic style spots in any room of your home. You can use them in a functional way for serving drinks and nibbles or you can create a beautiful display with accessories, faux plants and candles. The possibilities are truly endless and you can regularly change them up so you aren’t tied to any one design.


Floral arrangements are key when it comes to elevating your home interiors, there’s something so special about the way floral arrangements can complete a room. However, I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep a real plant alive, I just don’t have a green thumb! That’s why faux plants are so incredible, it’s no joke that artificial flowers have come a long way in recent years and now we have the most fabulous and realistic faux plants. We do also have some that aren’t realistic, but… when we love something, we just have to have it in gold too! Whether you’re opting for tropical or winter vibes we have you covered.


Creating soft spots is essential for both yourself and guests, when entertaining you want your home to be comfortable and inviting but also exciting. Yes, cushions are soft and squishy, but they can feature intricate and astonishing designs, that's why cushions are the perfect addition to your interiors. We have cushions  to suit every interior style, were sure you'll easily find something perfect for your home, so the only question you'll be asking is... do I need 1 or 10?


Last but most importantly, add personality! After all your home should reflect you and the things you love. You can add so much character with colours, prints and accessories. You can choose to do this through little details, or you can go crazy and create a theme in your rooms. Love animal print and want it on every inch of your interiors, go wild… were with you to be honest! The point I’m making, before I fall down a leopard print covered rabbit hole… is whilst you dress your home to impress others, don’t forget that it’s YOUR home and you are free to shout loud and proud about yourself through your décor.

We have so much beautiful new stock, click here to be inspired.

Wishing you good health, happiness and heavenly homes. 

The Luxeology Home Team.

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