Autumn 2021 trends

The season of change is upon us! This year homeowners have been pushing interior boundaries, opting for indulgent finishes with bold pattern, an abundance of texture and beautiful colour palettes in order to create visual interest. Consider muted, warm tones this season and try to avoid cold, uninviting colours. This autumn at Luxeology Home it's all about cosy, decadent luxury. We're helping you get your homes ready for some serious attention.


We think you deserve a comfortable space to occupy that radiates luxury and with our autumn 2021 trends you can achieve just that.

The first trend that we can 100% get behind is 'Plush Pumpkins'.

If you've ever wanted for an item of decor that screams EXTRA, then look no further. Pumpkins are having their moment and not just because it's autumn, they have been trending all year long. We go on a lot about how you can add essential layering to a space by using an array of different textiles, materials and colours.

People often do this through the use of soft furnishings such as cushions, blankets and curtains, but there's plenty of other ways you can introduce texture through decorative items as well. Our fabulous collection of luxurious Velvet Pumpkins offer a fantastic way to introduce texture and a bit of fun into your interior. We have just expanded our incredible pumpkin range to include new colours and sizes. There's something for everyone! 


The next trend for Autumn 2021 is something we are so excited to be seeing. They say that every trend repeats due to generational changes as well as designers taking inspiration from styles of the past. This is one that we adore!


Retro Revival is a trend of the ages, embracing colour, pattern and print. This nostalgic trend is inspired by the experimental seventies and has a focus on positive colour palettes with mustard and oranges being used to create a warm atmosphere in homes. Distinct bold patterns are essential and are a fantastic way to add intrigue to your interiors. Retro decor can be introduced in small or large doses, so get comfortable making bolder choices and welcome a touch of maximalism into your decor. 



Nature inspired design has been the theme of 2021. The importance of reconnecting with nature was highlighted throughout the pandemic, and people have continued to make this a priority when designing spaces with a sense of wellbeing at the heart. We will be seeing natural elements continue to be introduced through decor, prints, plants, deeper shades of green, bamboo and jute are all being considered as a vital part of this season’s home design. Find ways to implement this style into your design to add depth, balance and contrast.



It's no secret that here at Luxeology Home we favour the warm hues of gold over a cold metallic silver any day! Decadent gold accessories radiate luxury and are a must have this autumn. Try infusing your home with lavish accents of gold through the use of textiles and decorative accessories, gold is great for reflecting light and can add an intimate feeling and warmth into your interiors. If you are adverse to colour and usually opt for a monochrome colour palette then consider adding gold finishes to enhance your interiors.


That's it for our favourite trends this autumn, thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments if you plan on changing up your decor this season.  


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