Autumn/Winter 18 Interior Trends

This summer has really been something else hasn’t it? 

It’s taken me back to those nostalgic childhood memories, when summer lasted forever, you were brown as a berry and you chased the boys in the field until you couldn’t breathe (maybe the last bit was just me but hey).

I find that when summer has been so satisfying the onset of winter comes with that comforting feeling.  I start imagining cozy evenings in front of a fire, snuggling up in a onezie to watch a film and the smell of roast dinners cooking. 

If you’re anything like me, Luxe HQ has become much neglected over the summer months.  There’s simply too much fun to be had outside in the sunshine (naturally I don’t mean gardening, more drinking Gin and having BBQ’s).  With the evenings drawing in I am back to perving through Pinterest and Instagram, taking inspiration for how I can give Luxe HQ a refresh for winter.

With the change of seasons fast approaching now is the time to start checking out Autumn/Winter 18 Interior Trends.  Look no further, as we have everything you need to get that Luxe winter vibe just right.


Ahhh man this bathroom though!  All the floral goals!

So in this image it's all about the wallpaper.  This season I'm noticing larger format wallpaper prints, with big, bold flowers in shades of cream, green and pale pink and this bathroom is rocking it big style.  Teamed with those wall lights of dreams and a vintage style mirror its pretty damn perfect in my opinion.


I’m still a huge fan of tropical prints and this season the love for bold prints continues with floral designs.  Whether that be in the form of fabrics, wallpaper, bedding…florals are going big and they are going bold.  Think luscious vintage pinks, teemed with grungy dark backgrounds.

Woodchip & Magnolia’s Still Life Wall Mural is a perfect example of how to incorporate the trend on walls.  I can imagine this with a clashing citrus yellow velvet sofa and lots of gold accessories.



Needless to say, we have a LOT of gold accessories here at Luxe HQ.  I’ve never been fearful of mixing the finishes though and believe MORE IS MORE IS MORE.  So I was very excited to see designers getting in on the action and mixing up those metallic finishes!

Luxeology is all about adding that Luxe finishing touch.  Our Gold Rock On hands have returned this season and are ever popular.  We also have Gold OK hands if you're after grouping a couple together or just dotting them around wherever needs a helping hand.

Image LPC Interiors

The key trick for achieving an enticing, quirky interior is to always remember the textures.  Layering metallic finishes in different shades with contrasting rough, hewn textures like concrete is so exciting.  Equally marble always looks fantastic and is an iconic material that can last the test of time.



This trend kind of ties in with GOING FOR GOLD too.  I just love how hardware in mixed finishes is becoming more readily available this season.  Think matte black bathroom taps with shiny gold two tone.    If you’re a fan of monochrome you’re going to be all over this.

Image Nazmiyal


The Autumn/winter 18 trend for JET BLACK is an easy one to incorporate and can look incredible sexy and effortlessly effective.  For those of you with clean, white walls and contemporary chic styling think about adding JET BLACK in the form of a cool floor lamp or a beautiful black shelving unit.


Globe Floor Lamp - Luxeology


The epitome of stylish lighting incorporating this seasons super stylish black accents, our Smoked Glass Floor Lamp looks just as amazing on or off.  Also available as a table lamp.


I know I harp on about it all the time, but I LOVE animals and Luxe HQ is bursting with them (alive and of the ornamental kind).  We also love home accessories with a bit more than average personality.  I’m talking about laughing pink squirrels, over-sized flamingos, dramatic black swans…these are the things that elevate your home from run of the mill to extraordinary.

Gold Octopus Candle Holder 

Sophia Swan

Pink Squirrel

Don't be scared to have a bit of fun with your home.  By being brave and adding that edge of quirk you're adding that bit more personality.  Ornaments become a talking point and features to admire.  Teamed with dark, moody walls and gold accents the look is cool and interesting.



This one is going to test you a little.  I've spoken before about being brave with your interior design choices and I cannot emphasize enough how important this is.  Your home is the place you spend most of your time and should reflect you.  Those little touches of ugliness elevate a space from so-so to exciting and visually stimulating.

I'm really excited to see Ikea are getting on board with this trend.  You might not think you're in the market for purchasing 'ugly' pieces for your home but Ikea may just change your mind.  Their new collection entitled Föremål launches in September, a collaboration with designer Per B Sunberg.  

Sunberg is a celebrated Swedish glass and ceramic artist who's known for the absurd humour he brings to his work. Quirky imagery like skulls, crowns, bananas, and mushrooms are featured in many of the ceramics included in Föremål, and Sunberg utilises unexpected kaleidoscope-like patterns on the collection's textiles.

The 26 pieces included in this forthcoming collab certainly run the gamut from pretty to ugly, here's a little taste for you.

FÖREMÅL Box with lid, £9, available at Ikea beginning in September.

FÖREMÅL Rug, £130, available at Ikea beginning in September.

FÖREMÅL Rack with three hooks, £10, available at Ikea beginning in September.

FÖREMÅL Candlestick fish, £9, available at Ikea beginning in September.

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