Bedroom Reveal

Well hello there!  Last week I shared with you my exciting news that we were finally making over our master bedroom. This week I am showing you the makeover results.

I was literally so excited to finally be able to move the furniture round into a location that actually made sense.  

Here's a little reminder of what we were dealing with.


As you can see, very lack lustre and not at all luxey.  Budget was very minimal plus time was of the essence.  Mr Luxe and I had two days to turn this pig into a velvet slipper.  And to be fair, Mr Luxe was not a willing participant in this makeover either.  Everything I had showed him so far in the run up to it he had hated, so lets hope I can manage to turn his feelings around at the end.


The idea for the room first come from these amazing fringed pendant lights from The Knotted Touch.  With only two days to do the alterations, the week leading up to it were spent scrolling through the internet for inspiration.  As soon as I saw these the room just built themselves around it and The Knotted Touch were so helpful dispatching them within a couple of days.

 Unfortunately due to budget I had to keep all the furniture.  The chest of drawers and wardrobes I had previously upcycled with Rustoleum Winter Grey chalk paint and new glass knobs.

The yellow chevron curtains were a bargain from Asda at only £50 (smaller sizes start at £25).  They really tie the scheme all in together and match perfectly to the pendant lights.

Ivy wallpaper is by Koziel from Rockett St George at £42 per roll.  It is incredibly realistic, you literally feel like you could pop your hand through to another world beyond.  This fabulous Gold Cube Artwork is available to buy from Luxeology at £155.  It was the perfect finishing touch and is so unique.

The fringing was an absolute bargain at £3.95 per section from Ebay.  I love how it layers the room and adds additional interest.

This fab macrame ombre hanging was from Matalan, a bargain at £12.

Our Luxeology hanging cement pot £12 provides some height and interest in an awkward corner.  Our Butterphant wall print £59 is framed in a Desenio gold frame.

Ivy wallpaper is a perfect backdrop for our Tribal Necklace £79 and Peggy Parrot £24.

What else could I possibly have on my bed other than this fabulous Luxe throw £65?  Such an effective piece, it has double sided sequins with gold and silver so you can completely adapt the look of it with a flick of the finger.  I like it rucked up a bit to resemble an animal print a bit more.

Stunning Wabi Sabi cushions £59 enhance the layering effect on the bed.  I went for plain white ruched bed linen from Matalan.  I like the idea of being able to mix things up when the feeling takes me and this is a flexible option.

The Brass side tables are available from Luxeology at £65 each.  They feature a brass top that can be used as a tray and a folding black standing frame.  I've styled my bedside table with our phrenology small head and OK Gold hand £12.  The piggy is available from Asda.

So there you have it!  I'd love to hear any feedback you have or if you have any questions please leave me a message.

Catch you next time

G x

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