Dining Room Revamp

Well hello there!  This blog post has been a long time coming.  Phew.
Life at LUXEOLOGY has been crazy these past few months.  We have moved into new premises which has been amazing but also incredibly hard work.  The move has had a very positive impact on the business though and it means we can hold more stock and even more exciting products!
Back at LUXE HQ work began on the dining room makeover.  In all truth, I have been planning this space for months now.  In terms of preparation, this is one room I spent a long time contemplating over.  It's a difficult room in terms of its situation in the layout of the house.  The majority of the ground floor is open plan which is great for family living but sometimes difficult for interior schemes.
This room has had a number of looks over the past year or so.  Nothing ever felt quite right though so instead of my usual gung-ho approach (which I'm generally an advocate of) I decided to really organise this makeover military style.  Many, many hours of Pinterest and Instagram scrolling ensued until eventually I felt I knew what direction I was going in.
Here are some before pictures... 

I initially thought this wallpaper was leopard print before my hairdressers explained to me it was Zebra!

I loved the green big time.  It felt incredibly decadent and strong in terms of style but seriously lacking in texture and that all important structural pattern.  I knew I wanted wallpaper and I knew the ceiling needed to be a darker shade.  Part of the design involved the addition of coving and a ceiling rose.  Once these were in place I could envision how the ceiling colour would work with the other features of the room.

Adding features back into this room was very important to me.  When we bought the house it was 70's imitation Tudor and so when the renovation was done it was basically a blank box.

Painting the coving was back breaking work.  Three coats and finally we were there!

I decided upon Farrow & Ball Bancha for the ceiling and coving.  A mid-century modern green with olive tones, it promises a feeling of calm and serene and would be the perfect partner to the pink I had planned for the walls.  I searched high and low for the perfect pink.  

It couldn't be too sweet but equally I wasn't looking for a neutral, beige pink.  Eventually I came across Confetti by Little Greene, a delicate pink with just the right amount of attitude to stand up to the deepness of Bancha green.  So now I had the foundations, just needed a powerful wallpaper to tie everything in together.

Luckily enough, LUXEOLOGY has begun to sell the absolutely incredible wallpaper created by Mind the Gap.  Designed and produced in Transylvania, Mind the Gap are all about unique styles and thinking outside of the box.  Their Beverly Hills wallpaper in pink made me catch my breath.  Literally everything about it blew me away.  Totally extravagant, featuring flamingos against a pink background and tropical green leaves, it fit the bill to a tee.


I can't say this revamp has been easy.  It's been one of the toughest we've done since the renovation.  Learning new skills and pushing my own boundaries, I've literally had to practice what I preach and be BRAVE every step of the way.  Even when family and friends questioned my design choices, I knew they just had to wait and see the full picture which was in my head.

So here it is...



Pink and green is definitely one of my favourite all time colour combinations.



Pink fringing added to cheap velvet chairs from Amazon.


The coving that took me days and gave me a repetitive strain injury!


Finishing touches in the form of Cactus Vases and a Face vase with faux foliage.


Statement accessories help to pull the space together.  Can't go wrong with a beautiful Gold Eye Mirror and Brass Wall Basket with trailing plants.



A chandelier completes the ceiling perfectly and is enhanced by an ornate ceiling rose.



Zebra rug to add some texture and a bit of monotone pattern.



Sneak peak of the hallway.


Our LUXEOLOGY Bamboo Plant Stand is perfect for adding a few kitsch vibes.  I adore faux plants and they don't come much better than this super realistic Faux Palm

I sneaked in a little dining chair makeover as well.  Just look at that sexy fringing!  Cheap as chips, if you're prepared to put in the graft you can make basic dining room chairs look high-end and stylish.  Maisie and Margot our French Bulldogs have even managed to leave the fringe alone!


I purchased the fringing from Ebay and used vintage gold tack pins to help keep in place.  I initially glued the fringe with a glue gun then used a hammer to tap the pins into place.



As I mentioned earlier, the dining room is open plan leading into the hallway so the makeover just kept on going!  It was so important that the spaces flowed into one another whilst retaining their separate identities.  I think this was the main reason why it took me so long to finalise my plans.  I'm absolutely over the moon with the result though and can't wait to share the next stage with you very soon!



Thanks for reading guys.

Love Gemma x

p.s.  If you have any questions for me I'd love to hear them! x



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