Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude

While its true we're not leaving 2020 as far in the past as some of us may like and there seems to be no quick change to the reality that Covid-19 continues to effect our daily lives. We still believe in entering the new year with a fresh state of mind!


Every year we live in hope that this year is going to our year! The year that we smash our goals, the year we do the things we've been dreaming of and the year that we feel truly happy... We don't realise the pressure that we put on ourselves to do better and be better. Sometimes we need to stop and appreciate ourselves, where we're at right now and where we've been in the past.

We may not always stick to our resolutions and a lot of time they end up feeling like a chore, but there should be absolutely no shame in not seeing them through. Instead of setting a big resolution why not try setting small achievable resolutions. We think one of them should be self care, remember to take moments to look after yourself and your own wellbeing this year.

Positive mindset

This ones an important one. With so much time for reflection, it's easy to get stuck in a state of worry especially during such difficult times. Rather than reflecting on what didn't happen or what went wrong try to focus on the positives. What did you achieve, what are you grateful for. A positive mindset can do wonders for your overall mood. Don't let one bad moment ruin a whole day. Don't stress too much over something you cant control or fix. 

Granted there will be times when you cant be as positive and happy as you would like to be but thats ok, remember you are doing your best, you have to allow yourself these moments and then pick yourself back up when you're ready.

Embracing the people around you

If 2020 has taught us anything its that when we have no option to see the people we love and care for we quickly realise all the times we have taken for granted being able to see them at our leisure. We regret not giving them our undivided attention and not embracing them while we could. So going into 2021 remember to reach out to people and check in on them. something as simple as a text message or phone call can mean more than you realise to someone. We need each other now more than ever before. When the day comes that we can finally see everyone again or stand in a crowd without fear of Covid-19, that will be a day of epic proportions.

Well-being at the heart of the home

Heres where we really know what we're talking about. We recently did a collaboration with Decor Blueprint where we spoke about trends for 2021, here's what we had to say:

Moving into 2021 my thought is that interiors now more than ever need to have well-being at the heart of them. We would hope to see designs that promote a positive atmosphere with uplifting influences. We love home accessories that bring joy and gone are the days where animal decor is seen as tacky. A fabulous Monkey Table Lamp brings a welcome injection of fun combined with lashings of cool! We look forward to seeing layering of textures and materials to create a welcoming and cocooning feel that is both decadent and ultimately inspirational

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