Embracing the wreck and ruin - Living Room Revamp

The more time goes on, the more daring I feel when it comes to interior décor. 

After the renovation we slathered every wall and ceiling in lashings of white paint.  It’s hard to commit to a style of décor when your heart really isn’t in it.  You see, our renovation (as I’m sure all renovations are the same) was by no means plain sailing.

Here's a reminder of what it looked like before...

By the end of the six months we had fallen so out of love with the building we nearly hit the speed dial to the estate agents.  It had literally sucked the life out of us.  But fast forward a year and many of Luxe HQ’s rooms are already on their second skin makeovers.

Mr Luxe is completely in his element (this is a big lie).  He was raring to go when I dropped a box of goodness in front of him at the weekend containing a splendorous mural from Rebel Walls!

The mural was the center piece to a quick weekend makeover I had planned for the living area.  Most of the main features were remaining.  Walls and ceiling are smothered in delicious Bedford Brown by Abigail Ahern and the ceramic tiles of dreams were not going anywhere anytime soon.

As the living area is situated in the extension it has that ‘new house’ feel to it.  There are some nice features such as the angled ceiling with roof windows and the sliding doors are fantastic.  Dark brown walls make the space cozy and atmospheric and I wanted to add to this feeling.

Feature walls are leaving me a bit ‘blah blah’ of late.  I was searching for something that would be a feature in its own right but that would also tie the whole space together.  Rebel Walls had the perfect solution for me in the form of the ‘Ruin Romance’ wall mural.

Amazingly, it’s made the space feel brighter and when the late setting sun catches it in the evening it’s positively ethereal.  Styling this space now came easily as it seemed to make everything POP!  Faux plants from Luxeology set the scene and make you feel as if the mural is actually real and you are a part of it.  I’m in need of more hanging plants, but for the meantime Erwtenplant Faux Hanging Plant adds texture and depth to the scheme.

For wow factor and height I added the Strelitzia Faux Palm.  It's so realistic my mum was insisting it was real whilst holding the leaf!  

You can just catch a glimpse of blush pink in the next picture.  It comes in the form of a luxurious velvet pouffe.  I just love combining and layering textures and the luxe of the velvet against the 'ruin' of the mural gives me all the good feels.

What are your feelings on feature walls?  Are they over or are they the real deal? 

I’d love to know your thoughts!

G x


Source list - Ruin Romance Rebel Walls, Walls in Bedford Brown Abigail Ahern, Zebra Print Cushion, Strelitzia Faux Palm, Mother of Pearl Vase on sideboard, Heracleum Stem in vase, hanging plant, blush pink velvet pouffe, zebra rug from Ikea

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