Party ready Royal Wedding 2018

The Royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is now just over a week away.  I don't know about you guys, but we love a Royal wedding here at Luxeology.  

The ceremony, which takes place on Saturday May 19, will be held in Windsor; it will include two wedding receptions and a carriage procession, as well as the service.  It is hotly anticipated that Meghan will opt for the Australian London-based Ralph & Russo to design her gown after trusting the pair with her glamorous engagement outfit.

Meghan wore a £56,000 semi-sheer black evening dress from the label for her official engagement portrait.

I for one will be tuning in with bated breath.  It's so nice to see the Royal family becoming slightly less stuffy.  No doubt Meghan will add some sparkle to the proceedings.  So to make sure you are ready we have put together some ideas for you to celebrate in style with the happy couple.

 HRH Gold Crown makes a fabulous center piece.  It is available in Gold or White.

Seen here in white styled with our gorgeous Purple Surprised Basset hound.

The Purple Surprised Basset hound and HRH White Crown look amazing against the lush depth of Bedford Brown Abigail Ahern walls.  It's one of the most adaptable hues in the collection, working beautifully in literally any environment.

No discerning Royal Party is complete without tea and cake.  Serve yours in the delightful Royal Doulton Coleridge tea pot.  An absolutely gorgeous and perfect example of a rare tea pot, dated 1989.

When it's nearly time for the ceremony make sure you grab everyone's attention with a silver jubilee Queen Elizabeth II bell.  In beautiful condition, this bell is to celebrate the silver jubilee 1955-1972.

Have some beautifully stylish spoons to serve your sugar lumps.  These gorgeous hand carved mahogany spoons will look stunning.

Feather hand carved spoon

Wings hand carved spoon

Hand carved spoon

Finally, decorate your party area with lots of fresh floral arrangements.  Our cute bud vases are perfect for making your own fresh arrangements with foliage that can be snipped from the garden at the last minute.  This white ceramic vase is only £4.

The blue and grey ceramic vase has a lovely textured effect topped with pretty blue glazing.

Hope you all have a wonderful time.  I shall be raising a toast to the newlyweds!


G x


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