Glam up your Faux Plants

It is no secret that we are huge fans of artificial plants.

We whole heartedly agree that you can't beat the real deal, but with the busy lives that many of us contend with on a day to day basis, having another dependent can be just a little bit too daunting.

It may be as simple as mixing in a couple of faux plants amidst your real babies to ease the load.  These day faux plants have come on leaps and bounds.  Here at Luxeology Home we want our artificial plants to look like the real deal as much as possible, something we take very seriously.

Our faux plants are carefully curated to give you the absolute best impersonation of the authentic thing.  Having said this, we realise there are limitations to how far our faux's can go and one of the aspects which can hold them back is the pot.

The pot is nine times out of ten pretty unattractive if we're honest.  Functionality over beauty all the way.  Generally plastic, nearly always terribly undersized.  So we thought we'd take a look at a way to turn a phony faux into a charming chameleon.




You don't need to make your own plant pot to achieve a similar look in your own home.  Any plant pot would work with the trick of using a cut out piece of cardboard and then topping off with decorative stones.  Not only does it disguise the size of the pot it also balances out the overall size of the plant and creates a much more realistic appearance.

We really hoped you enjoyed this blog post.

Over on our Instagram you will find a super cool reel showing how we did this little glam-up in more detail, just click the link below to watch...

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