Green walls and Pink

I’ve never been at the forefront of anything trendy in my life…then green walls happened to Luxe in the Cottage…

My new colour crush combination is making my heart burst with happiness.  Green walls and pink is a match made in heaven.  If you think about natural plants, how beautiful is a pink rose or a pink tulip?  And what colour coordinates so well with it?  Green of course.  Green walls and pink together is a naturally stunning palette.  Just have a look at some of these images if you don’t believe me.

I’ve recently redecorated my dining area from a vast expanse of white nothingness.

It was basically a white box with a window in, devoid of personality and features.  I think Mr Luxe was quite keen on the white.  Mainly because he’d only painted it that colour a few months ago and also because to change it would mean him having to do something.  When it comes to designing a space in my home I try to think about how I want to feel when I’m in that space.   The white left me feeling like I needed a bloody big gin and tonic.


So I don’t like to imagine a ‘theme’ for a room when I’m deciding what direction to go in,  more a ‘mood’.

I wanted the dining room to throw off a laid-back, cool and little bit quirky vibe.  I think you can let yourself go a bit crazier in dining rooms and downstairs cloakrooms.  More so than a living area where you’ll be spending a greater proportion of time.

There are already pink accents in the kitchen area which leads off from the dining space.  I wanted something that would compliment this but also offer total WOW factor with maximum impact.  Then I got to thinking about green and how in nature it works so well with pink.  Abigail Ahern’s Mercer Green was top of my list.  It was giving me all the feels in all the right places.  Its such a deep and moody hue, almost slightly masculine but combined with blush pink it just screamed WOWSER at me!

So starting off with green walls as my base palette and blush pink as my accent, I considered what texture I wanted to add into the space.  I’m 100% all for pushing interior design boundaries.  If it feels right DO NOT second guess yourself.  DO NOT tell anyone else what you are thinking of doing as it will only put you off.  And definitely don’t water it down by not having the balls to really go for it.

I wanted a ‘punch you in the face’ feature wall.

I thought about wallpaper or a different shade of coloured paint but the only option that really got me tingling was a mirrored wall.  I’d seen the Ikea Lots mirrors for years and wondered how they would work used as tiles.  I recently saw an absolute belter of a kitchen on Instagram.  The gorgeous Samantha Trotter @maisondutrott, have a look at her home on Instagram it’s lush.

Picture credit

After discovering Samantha had used the Ikea tiles I was totally sold.  At only £4.99 for a pack of 4 it was also by far the most affordable option.  Unfortunately I’m pretty crap at measuring stuff so we are a couple of packs short but so far I’m loving the effect.  Mr Luxe and I also only had 3.7 arguments whilst we were doing it which is not bad going.

Mercer Green walls just seem to enhance the gorgeousness of the marble effect tiles.  By painting out the ceiling and skirts in the same colour it helps with the proportion of the room and increasing the feeling of space.  There are no jolting lines. See that missing tile there in the top corner? That’s what happens when women measure up for things apparently.

There’s the Luxe Cottage mascot photo bombing as per usual.  Pretty cool shot of her posterior there I’m sure you’d all agree.

Transforming the dining table from lack lustre to luxe lusty

The dining table was genius even if I do say so myself.  I am completely chuffed with it.  I’ve been looking at dining tables for some time now and the ones that I like I can’t afford and the ones I can afford leave me wilting like a plant without water.  Until I win the lottery the only option seemed to be to revamp the table I currently have.  I set about sanding back the surface and removing as much of the grain on the laminate as possible.

The surface was already primed with the chalk I had used on it previously so I started the process of spraying it with Wilko Gloss White.  Now at the time it was bloody freezing outside and the can says not to spray in cold temperatures but do not let this put you off.  Go slow and apply thin layers of paint.

Once I’d applied about three layers of paint and had allowed it to dry really well I set about the terrazzo.  I found this particular design on Amazon.  It’s a sticky back self-adhesive vinyl.  I thought this would be ideal with my mucky crazies spreading their dinner over it.  The terrazzo effect also contrasts nicely with the clean lines of the mirrors.

Firstly make sure there are no lumps or bumps on the surface of the table.

It needs to be clean and dry to make sure it adheres correctly.  Position the vinyl carefully on the surface so you have enough to cover the edges and tuck under.  Cut away any excess.  Start by removing a small section of the backing plastic and position carefully.  Bit by bit with a clean cloth smooth the vinyl over the table top.  Make sure any bubbles or lumps are pushed out.

Slowly remove the backing, section by section and smoothing as you go. Once you have stuck the whole top section down start sliding the edges down and tucking under.  Corners are a bit trickier so take your time.  Imagine you are wrapping a present.  Snip away any excess with a blade or sharp scissors.  I used two rolls and overlapped in the middle of the table top.  Make sure you overlap by a decent amount.  It doesn’t show and makes sure that you don’t get any unsightly gaps.

So there you go! A terrazzo table at a snip of the price and totally individual!

Lots of love

G x


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