How to Style: Charcoal Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper

Our moodboard Mondays have become a staple on our social media channels. Earlier this week we shared the latest moodboard we'd created and so many of you loved it that we thought why not give you the full run through on our blog!

The centre of attention for this design was our Charcoal Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper, this super versatile black charcoal wallpaper is designed to give you the effect of antique wooden wall panelling in a Dutch colonial style.

We had fun creating this moodboard as we absolutely love to play with bold contrasting colours to create an epic interior scheme! This one is all about levelling up your home with vibrant colours and a dark seductive edge.

The Charcoal Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper is the perfect design to adorn your walls with when aiming to create a dramatic and impactful interior scheme. The key to creating a show stopping design is not to shy away from incorporating different colours, materials and patterns. By layering these different elements you can add depth to your rooms. In this design we have chosen colours that contrast but also gorgeously complement each other, we have introduced bold pattern and print in the cushions and wall art to add that extra wow factor and fabulous elements of gold and black through out this design to perfectly tie it together.

For those of you that prefer a more traditional or neutral look, the Charcoal Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper also works wonderfully with a sophisticated luxe scheme so don't be afraid to play around with furnishings and this wallpaper to adapt it to your desired interior style.


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