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This week we are very excited to be in conversation with the beautiful Nic who's mesmerising instagram account @loveallthingsquirky features incredible shots of her wonderful Georgian Grade II listed home which is local to us in the idyllic suburb Norton, also known as Norton-on-Tees. If you haven't had the pleasure of perusing Nic's instagram account then please do as it is total house goals!

Now that we've swooned a little, let's find out more about @loveallthingsquirky firsthand.

Hi Nic, please can you share with our readers a little about you and your gorgeous home account.

I’m Nic 46, married to Jonathan and have one daughter livvy 21 and Mabel the sproodle. I work as psychological well-being practitioner for NHS secondary mental health services over the last 15 years.

Started my Instagram account when we moved in an old school house in 2016 and it was merely for me to keep a log at what were doing. However through Instagram I’ve met so many gorgeous accounts and people that it became more about me getting back into being creative and a way to share who I am as a person. 

I Studied a fashion design and illustration degree many years ago before leaving my role as a visual merchandiser manager to join the NHS. However, I'm leaning more so towards interior design and following my passion now and hope one day it’ll come to fruition. 

It's always so interesting to hear about someone's background as you don't often see the full picture of a persons life behind the posts, you must be super busy behind the scenes! We've certainly loved following your home journey so far and can't wait to see what else is to come as your passion and prospects develop. Instagram has such a wonderful side and is a great platform to connect with people who share your interests. How would you describe your interior design style and is there any advice you would give or follow yourself when it comes to decorating and styling a home?

My style I’d say I’m bold, eclectic, I love a good pattern and not afraid of colour. One thing I would always say is never conform to what everyone else is doing just be you. Instagram is a great platform of ideas that are often fast pace so one piece of advice is buy items that are sustainable ones that will last a life time and another makeover. 

We couldn't agree more, it's so important to be true to yourself when designing and of course have those key staple pieces of furniture or decor to see you through ever changing tastes. You've clearly got a real eye for interiors, but what inspires you when designing your interior spaces?

My inspiration usually comes from a swatch of wallpaper or patterned fabric then I start picking bits of colours and textures from there. 

Always a great starting point to any design! You have a lot a pattern in your home and each room is so thoughtfully detailed but we would love to know which room in your home is your favourite and why?

Fave room in this house it’s quite hard to say…I love them all. However I must say the guest room with its olive ceiling is just so lovely it’s got a gorgeous vibe when you walk in. 

We're not surprised you love them all as they are all so fabulous and very you! We also have a soft spot for your guest room, you've created a warm inviting space with a fantastic balance of colour, texture and pattern. 

We have to ask this one as we just love to know...what are your two favourite items from our site right now?

One of my fave pieces is the shady lovers floor lamp it’s quirky, bold I’m just debating where it will go…master bedroom maybe which is soon to be complete. The pink pencil Young and Battaglia love eclectic artwork and Gemma never fails to have theses pieces available for anyone’s home ❤️

Yes! We can't wait to see the finished result and think that could be the perfect place to add our seductive Shady Lovers Floor Lamp.

The Pink Pencil - Young & Battaglia  print always makes us smile, a super cool and quirky print, we can see why you chose it. That's so lovely of you to say.

Thank you so much for being our fabulous featured account this week, we are very excited to see what you do next!

Love Nic's style and want to recreate it in your own home? here's how you can get the @loveallthingsquirky feeling in your house.



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