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A new week meant a new opportunity for us to be in conversation with another fabulous Instagram home account. This time around we've had the absolute pleasure of speaking to not one but two of our wonderful customers who run the epic insta account @the_ocelot_staircase. This fantastic duo are first time buyers taking on the challenge of turning their house into their dream home and we, like many of their followers absolutely love being taken along for this journey with them.

Jayde and Andy, thank you so much for taking part in our conversational blog. You started your account @the_ocelot_staircase not that long ago, we'd love to know a little more about the pair of you and what drove you to start your account.

We’re Jayde and Andy; we’ve been a couple for almost 3 years and owned our house together for nearly a year. We share our home with two rescue dogs, two Cornish rex cats and two snakes (with probably more animals to come!). We are both quite creative people and see our house as a giant canvas to work on, so we started our home account to document our renovation journey, almost like a little diary of our home.

One thing we love just as much as interiors is pets, after all our logo was inspired by one of our furry friends, so we can definitely see the appeal in growing your family! It's amazing to see how your home changes when the images are all collated in one place, Instagram is a great tool for that. You mentioned your home is your canvas, how would you describe your interior design style?

Most people would probably describe our house as ‘quirky’ – sometimes they mean this as a compliment, other times not so much, but we don’t mind either way. We like dark backdrops with pops of colour and would consider our style as quite maximalist (there is always something new to see every time you visit!). We definitely have eclectic taste: our home is a mish-mash of unusual charity shop finds, statement prints, antique oddities, rustic oak furniture and modern accessories.

    People will always have an opinion and it's ok that not everyone likes the same things, that's what makes you different, but you do have to remember it's what you like that's important and the judgement of others should never dull your creative sparkle.

    We love that, I bet your guests do as well. You say mishmash we say carefully curated collection, you've both clearly got an eye for the details! 

    We're keen to know if you transition your home decor for the season change and if so, in what ways do you do this? 

    We are definitely adding a little autumnal flair to our home as the season changes: a lot of our accessories are quite dark and 'spooky' by nature so work well for Halloween already, but we are scattering around a few additional pumpkins for sure! I've even been making a few little pumpkins from clay to add to our fireplace.

    You have nailed the dark and moody vibe so we can see how you are easily able to transition your home for the seasons. We're all for pumpkin decor, no matter what the season! Sounds amazing, you've definitely got a crafty side haven't you Jayde. What would you say inspires you when designing your interior spaces?

    Definitely other Instagram accounts: seeing how other people transform their personal spaces and inject personality into their homes is fascinating.

    A great source of inspiration! This question is for you individually, what is your favourite room in your home and why?

    Jayde: Is it weird to say the hallway? It has my favourite wallpaper, our signature ocelot carpet, a beautiful upcycled vintage sideboard, and loads of gorgeous accessories. It certainly lets people know what to expect from our home as soon as they walk through the front door!

    Andy: My man cave. It’s my favourite place to relax after a busy day. I love the olive green gallery wall which is packed with curiosities, and this room is also home to our corn snake and hognose snake.

    Not at all, the hallway is often the hub of the home, the first place you see when you enter and the last place when you leave so why shouldn't it be fabulous!

    Andy, we love that you have a man cave, and that green wall is incredible!

    We have to ask everyone this question because we're intrigued, what's your favourite item from our site and tell us why you would choose it?

    Jayde: Submerged-4 Framed Printed Canvas. I love artwork that sparks conversation, and this statement canvas is so interesting and unique. Bubblegum pink is usually considered quite ‘cutesy’, but this piece still manages to be edgy at the same time, which is the perfect balance in my eyes.

      Jayde, we couldn't agree more! The colour palette in our submerged print enhances the playful take on a classic portrait. We could imagine it at home amongst your other bold prints and wall decor. 

      Andy: Cousin Parker Canvas – Angela Rossi. This canvas is so cool: the regal outfit, the luxurious colours, and of course the majestic parrot himself. What’s not to love?!


      Yes, Andy you're spot on, there's so much to love about our the epic Cousin Parker Print. It would add the wow factor to any room!

      What’s one piece of advice you would both give to first time buyers trying to create their dream home? 

      Remember it’s your home and no one else’s: it doesn’t need to meet anyone else’s standards or expectations. It’s your space to relax and it should make you feel happy, so fill it with things that are authentically and unapologetically ‘you’. Don’t be afraid to be bold and take risks.

      Well said! It's clear that you both put a lot of your personal styles and creativity into your home and it shows in the beautifully balanced space you've created. People often think of a relaxing space as something quite muted and natural but there is so much comfort and cosiness to be had when embracing a darker aesthetic.

      As that time grows closer, we have to know... when do you plan on putting your Christmas tree up?

      Last year we'd not long moved in so we didn't get much of a chance to decorate unfortunately, so we hope that this year we can get the house looking a bit more festive! The tree will be going up at the start of December (and we will be keeping our fingers crossed that the kitten leaves it alone for the whole month 😂).

      Well, we can't wait to see your home in all its festive glory, and we hope the kitten behaves, although we've heard trees make great climbing frames!

      We are so grateful to you both for taking part in this weeks 'In conversation with'. 

      If you haven't checked out @the_ocelot_staircase we suggest you head over and give them a follow so you can follow along with their fabulous interior journey.

      Love Jayde and Andy's maximalist style and want to recreate it in your own home? Take a look below!

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