Interior obsession

Image Luxe in the Cottage

When does the interior love become interior obsession?

If you’re reading this blog, then there is every chance interior obsession could be happening to you, right here, right now.

I’ve always had a healthy interest in home interiors.  As I child, I spent long hours watching my parents decorate.  We also used to do the thing where you viewed show homes with no intention of ever moving.  Does anyone else do that?  I have to confess I am still a big fan of doing this now.  When I see a new housing estate being built I get very excited at the prospect of the show homes.  Mr Luxe has even had a crash course in ‘how to blag yourself a nose without providing any personal details’.  We’re both aces at it now.  By the time we leave the poor sales consultant is a dead cert that we’ll be back to put a deposit down.  Little does she know we just wanted a snoop at the wall paper.

Start them off young…

So with a childhood devoted to home improvements it was almost guaranteed that when I purchased my first house at 21 I would be keen to personalise it. We had literally nothing when we moved in.  Just a bed and some patio furniture as a table and two patio lounge chairs in the living room.  I can look back at this now with nostalgia but when you’re young and barely able to boil an egg, the prospect of installing a new bathroom feels like climbing Mount Everest.

We decorated the house from top to bottom, fitted a new bathroom and laid new flooring throughout.  It was like a little palace.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this house.  I hadn’t heard of iPhones then and I don’t think Instagram had even been imagined.  Over the years my confidence has grown with my style.  Whereas I really used to worry about what people thought and if they liked it, now all I care is if it floats my boat.  My blog post explores being bold and brave with your interior, click here to read.   I couldn’t tell you if this confidence comes with age.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the medium of sharing interior design ideas is limitless now.

Then it gets interesting…

Image Luxe in the Cottage

With this infinite access to inspiration when we bought the cottage of Luxe I started to take interior design very seriously.  This amazing space was what we called home.  I had to pinch myself to believe it was ours.  You see, after renting for so many years and moving transiently like a hobo, to have your own home was bloody awesome.  We smashed the crap out of the old cottage.  Tore it down and rebuilt it in glory and with tonnes of love.

I wanted to slather it with my attention.  I wanted to try every trend.  Every colourway.  But BREATHE.  Take a moment sister.  Let yourself take it all in.  Live it for a bit.  See how the light affects the shadows, the contours of the room at different times of day.  Check how you want to feel in a particular space.  So in the end we painted it WHITE.  EVERYWHERE.

Image Luxe in the Cottage

White was rather soul destroying I have to say.  But it was the only way to learn this new space.  To understand it and establish what it needed.  Interior design isn’t a science.  Far from it.  It needs to be guttural, basic – like your gut instincts you know?  Sounds cheesy, but I believe design comes from within, like a feeling, like an emotion.

So then started the OBSESSION

Image Luxe in the Cottage

Interior obsession was born slowly, slowly, like a snake unwinding and unfurling from a long sleep.  Then when it had taken hold it became a beast, all consuming and uncompromising.  If you have an interior obsession you will KNOW what I am talking about.  It is tangible.  Then becomes the elephant in the room.  Most importantly it can affect your relationships.  I have been known to be deep in the midst of a conversation with Mr Luxe to break off and alter the angle of vase because it was driving me crazy.

And it definitely affects your BANK BALANCE

Image Luxe in the Cottage

I became brilliant at thrifting.  Charity shops and second hand yards were like my playground.  Needless to say I couldn’t walk past one without ‘just popping in’ to see.  I started to hide it from Mr Luxe.  I’d be like ‘oh yeah, I just found it.  It was like a lost dog, I had to bring it home with me’.

And online shopping is like drugs to an addict.  It’s available ALL the time, on your phone, your iPad, your computer at work…  It’s a secret lover calling to you to cheat.   Put down the ironing you’re doing, just have a little peek.  I have things to show you.  The elephant becomes like a voice in your head, beseeching you that you NEED it.  It is essential to buy this lamp because it will be perfect for the side table.  These pink cushions must go in my shopping basket; they will give the living room a spring lift.

If you have the obsession you will KNOW all these things.

In all honestly though, I am a true believer that it is only out of crazy that true genius comes.  They say it’s a thin line between crazy and genius.  This has been demonstrated throughout the ages.  Some of the most creative and brilliant minds were stark raving loonies.  Obviously I’m not suggesting for one moment that if you love home interiors you are crazy.  From obsession comes true creative freedom.  And it is then that you can really let yourself go to do whatever inspires you.

Here are some signs that you are an interior nut…

  • It takes 5 minutes to take all the cushions of your bed.  It takes 15 minutes to arrange them all in the correct order the next morning.
  • The household going to bed routine includes 15 minutes to turn all the lights off.  These include at least ten styles of lighting in each room.
  • It is entirely plausible that the entire layout of your house could change whilst your partner pops to the local shop for milk
  • Your phone resembles a home magazine, crammed full with images you snap on your way.
  • You get very excited by paint samples and have swatches of wall paper stored away for future projects.


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