Living Room Revamp Reveal

Last week I promised you some juicy pictures of our living room revamp here at Luxe Cottage. And here they are…!!!

The mood board for the living room was dark and sultry. I wanted to create a decadent space that felt enveloping and comforting when you were inside it.  The living room area has a set of enormous sliding glass doors that offer fantastic views over the Yorkshire countryside.  The views were a big reason why we bought the house and why the mother of all renovations took place in the first place as we wanted to bring the outside in.  We have definitely achieved that but with the original stark white walls the space felt featureless.

Paint of choice was Bedford Brown by Abigail Ahern.  I spent a great deal of time researching paint and creating sample boards that I positioned around the room and considered at different times of the day when the light changed.  This is so important when making a choice, especially in an area so large that would take a lot of time and effort to repaint if I got it wrong.

Abigail Ahern Bedford Brown

The paint itself goes on like a dream. It is deep and luscious and the coverage achieved from only one coat is astounding.  In fact I have ordered too much as one coat has done the trick.  The colour changes at different times of the day and creates a moody ambience of an evening which I enhance with clever lighting.  The floor tiles are an amalgamation of brown, copper and grey tones that are now set off by the dark brown of the walls, completed by matching skirting boards in the same shade.

I have written a post before on the benefits of painting a ceiling the same colour as the walls and it just felt right to continue the colour beyond the walls in the living room. I love sitting of an evening with the lights down low and a candle flickering, it feels so cosy and as if the room is giving you a big bear hug.  Underfoot we are lucky enough to have under-floor heating which only helps to increase the sense of warmth and wellbeing and the tiles are broken up with a cowhide rug beneath the coffee table.

The crème de la crème of the revamp has to be wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia. Delancey in Tobacco is based on high-resolution pictures of genuine salvaged antique metal tiles found by the designers at Woodchip and Magnolia.  Part of the charm of this wallpaper is the distress of the metal and the aged paint chips which are both highlighted in the finished wallpaper article.  It gives a unique element to the space and perfectly complements and enhances the Bedford Brown paint.

When we were hanging the paper I felt particularly precious about protecting it and at one point held a roll to my chest and chastised Mr Luxe for ‘not handling it with the respect it deserves’. It is luxuriously thick wallpaper of an amazing quality that you can just feel when you touch it.  It also hangs like an absolute dream.  It is ‘paste the wall’ paper and I decided to use a good quality ready-mixed adhesive which worked very well.  Each section butted up to each other perfectly and the joining lines are totally invisible.

Nina at Woodchip & Magnolia is so passionate about what she does and this comes across in every aspect of the family run business.  The company thesis ‘Because walls need not be boring’ is substantiated by the stunning selection of wall coverings in their collection.The designs are completely individual giving you the ability to personalise your space with wall coverings that push the boundaries of interior design. And the great thing is that Woodchip & Magnolia wallcoverings are so easy to remove, not that I want to do that any time soon though!

The finishing touches to the space come in the form of various accessories I’ve salvaged and thrifted.  Some of these include the upcycled coffee table and wicker chair, a lamp from Aldi and a sideboard created from hairpin legs and a vintage stamp tray.  The second-hand sofas are complimented by forest green velvet cushions from Matalan and a tasselled throw from TK Maxx.  I always like to include – wait for it – REAL LIFE plants in rooms as well and I’ve found some bargain ones at B&Q which are, at time of publishing, still alive.


Next time – It’s time to PARTY!!

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