Give A Little Love to Your Home

We've spent a lot more time at home than usual over the past year and it's easy to fall out of love with your surroundings so this Valentines we are focused on finding a way back into love. You may not be living in your dream home but it's important to feel good when you're at home.  It should be your safe haven, a place to retreat and feel joy.  We are taking a look at some things you can do to reignite that spark and make you fall back in love with your home.

What's Good?

It's important to focus on what you think is good about your home, what do you like about it? Surely there must be something, some reason you were drawn to it in the first place. If you want to tear it down and start again from the foundations then of course we back you but that's just not feasible for a lot of people. You need to find a starting point and a lot of the time we have to work with what we've got. 

What Can You Change?

This will help you determine how you can improve your home.

Budget is usually the sticking point here for most people but don't forget to get crafty, up-cycling is incredible if your pinched for pennies and want to restore life to an unloved item.  You don't need to be skilled for this, the changes could be as simple as painting an item or adding new handles. Embrace DIY. 

If you like the shell of your home but aren't in love with the decor and accessories then search for items that bring you joy, its often the details and finishing touches that have the biggest impact on an interior scheme.  One of my favourite quotes by Charles Eames is "The details are not the details. They make the design."


We absolutely aren't saying you need to turn to minimalism, we would never utter such words! Having a clear our is a task that we often avoid but it's essential. Sort through old things and get rid of things you no longer want or need, it may seem draining whilst you're doing it but once you are done you will feel refreshed.

Don't forget to donate your unwanted items where you can... someone else might find joy in your once loved possessions. This process is about making room for the things you want to have in your home and clearing out the things you no longer want or need

Find Inspiration

You may already have an idea in mind of what you want to do to your home and what to add in order to make it a space you want to be in but if you're unsure of what to do then look for inspiration. We can find out what we like and what we dislike by viewing other peoples styles and homes, finding your own style and preferences is key to creating a home you can truly love and live in.

Instagram and Pinterest can be great sources of inspiration so follow some accounts that you like the look of and get pinning on Pinterest, you'll quickly find yourself down a rabbit hole of home Inspo!

Fall In Love

Finally you need to implement the changes, don't put too much pressure to do this all at once, this can be done over time with small changes. With each bit of progress you make you will begin to treasure your home again.


Our Luxeology Home Love List

We a truly, madly, deeply in love with these products right now.


We couldn't do a love list without our goddess of love. The Flocked Venus De Milo Figure comes in a glorious array of colours which highlight the contours of her gorgeously curvy body. Theres some cheeky angles here and we are living for it! 

She's beauty, she's grace, she makes a nice vase. The Elona Stoneware White Vase is an elegant celebration and appreciation of the female body with her fine shape and details and we want to worship every inch of her.

Ravenous for romance? The Exquisite Large Gold Crocodile Candelabra would look fabulous as a large statement centre piece on a dining table. Ignite the fire baby!

Feel the flower power of love! The bigger the better, our Gold Floral Wall Art does not disappoint. We love this epic piece for its delicate appeal combined with luxurious glamour.


Love is... finding the perfect basket that you cant live without? We never claimed to be conventional!   We know you'll love our Large Metasequoia Woven Basket just as much as we do. So whether you're dreaming of fairytale picnics or sitting by the fireside this valentines, this is the perfect accessory to add to your own love list.

A loving gift that's made to last! We cant sing and shout enough about the excellence of Faux flowers, each stem is beautifully unique and when combined together they make the most incredible displays and they are made to endure, so you can love them for a long time. 

This Valentines Day much like every other Valentines Day we'll swooning over homeware but don't forget we're here to help! If you want some advice on what pieces to style together or what products may look good with your colour scheme etc... We are more than happy to help you out, click here to get in touch


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