Luxe Christmas party decor tips

Every year at Christmas Mr Luxe and I have the same conversation. It starts off like this…

Mr Luxe (brandishing his fresh off the press Marks and Spencer’s Food Catalogue) Babe, can you just sit down a minute to have a chat with me please?”

Me (busy hoovering up cat litter/cheerios/dog fur and/or ironing and/or sorting the washing and/or scraping unmentionables off the floor and/or… well you get the message) “Yeah just give me a minute)

Mr Luxe “Come on babe, this is important.”

Me “Ok what’s up?”

Mr Luxe “So what are we ordering food wise this year?”

Me “Well I know one thing we’re not bloody ordering…”

Mr Luxe “I thought we could just go for a small platter…”

I’ll give you a little head’s up here on last year’s Christmas lunch. I don’t particularly enjoy sea food and frankly I refuse to eat anything that still has a face on it.  Mr Luxe, however, loves anything fishy so decided this would be the perfect occasion to order a £90 fish platter from M&S.  Unfortunately he fell ill with a tummy bug the day before Christmas but despite this persevered, green faced and stoic, whilst I chuckled into my baked Camembert

I’m not sure what it is about Christmas that brings out this level of panic buying in most of us. I feel with every passing day closer to Christmas that I should be buying something, anything… The shops are shut for ONE DAY.

This year at Luxe Cottage we will be hosting a party in celebration of Mr Luxe’s birthday which falls on the 30 December, every year, year in year out. Now I have a confession.  Birthdays around Christmas are shit.  They are shit for the person whose birthday it is and they are shit for the person’s nearest and dearest too.  Every year I ‘kind of forget’ and generally give him all his presents on Christmas day.

So this year we are going BIG or we are going HOME.  Well, technically we will be at home…


The party decor will be Christmas based as funnily enough, IT IS CHRISTMAS!!! If the real fir-tree does not survive and decides to drop its metaphorical pants all over the floor, I will be really pissed.  I have watered it, misted it, whispered sweet nothings to it… It’s a whopper, some eight feet high and adorned with 720 lights.

In terms of tree decor, I’ve toned it down a lot this year.  Tinsel is the decoration of the devil and is only allowed in the children’s play room.  I’ve collected baubles over the years and have some real corkers including the children’s first Christmas baubles and ones they hand-made for me at pre-school.

Every year I add new additions to the collection, including these stunning over-sized red and white balls purchased from a local garden centre. Another of my favourites, the decapitated Santa heads that are complete with full on beard and velour (no less) hats.  I am always drumming on about fairy lights.  They are the ding to the dong of Christmas decorations (and to be fair most other things in life too).   There’s not much that can’t be fixed by a string of twinkles draped over it and I have them in abundance all over the cottage, so much so that I dread Mr Luxe’s expression when the electricity bill comes in.

My table centre piece comes by thanks of a local charity shop which I noticed a forlorn looking little tree in the window when I was passing the other day.  After a quick recon mission (had to fight the lady in the shop, what is it with charity shops in that they never want to sell me anything????), took him home for a good spraying, a string of copper wired lights around the branches and then finally dosed him with a coordinating selection of baubles.

The party will be focussed on my gorgeous little gold bar cart that I must have subconsciously known would be the perfect party decor accessory when I bought it. The bar cart is fully stocked with a selection of spirits and liquors, a gorgeous vintage cocktail shaker and stirrer and a gold ice-cube bucket from Sainsburys.  There will be a selection of cocktails on offer to our guests and maybe Mr Luxe will ‘Tom Cruise from Cocktail’ style it.

We will also have on offer a tantalising selection of party snacks (aka chicken nuggets) which will be adorned with these bad boy Flamingos.  I mean, who doesn’t love a sausage pricked with a flamingo?

So here you go, my top five Christmas Party Decor Tips:

  1. A Christmas Tree.  Make it big and make it real preferably.  When lighting it, don’t scrimp.  The more lights the better and make sure you light the inside of the tree as this gives it more depth.  Please don’t use tinsel unless your tree is planning on making a guest appearance on The Royle Family Christmas Special.

2. Fairy lights.  Everywhere and anywhere.  I have these in my downstairs cloakroom, lets hope no one has too many and flushes them down the loo by accident.

3. Cool disposable plates.  You’re not going to be wanting to use plates that need washing up so invest in some cool disposable plates like these from Talking Tables which give the luxe look but can be simply thrown away at the end of the night.

4. Gold foil curtains.  And yes, I know, they are from the tinsel family but way cooler.  A fun and glitzy entrance to get your guests in the party spirit and also great at hiding a multitude of sins that you’d rather not be there.


5. Paper snowflakes.  I absolutely love this trend.  If you’re particularly creative they can be made very cheaply.  I purchased these ones from Talking Tables, £1 for a pack of three different colours and varying sizes.

So there you have it.  Thank you as always for reading and if anyone has any photos of their own Christmas Party please send them in to me.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


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