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I realised something about myself the other day.  I am incredibly impatient.  And when I want something, I can be pretty single-minded in getting it.  I simply do not have the time or the inclination to put off for tomorrow what I think I can do today.  Sometimes this hot headedness results in impromptu purchases, other times the slapping on of paint into the night.

After six long months of unending hell in the hole we never want to mention again, we moved back into Pre-Luxe in the Cottage.  The new space was fabulous but it felt quite odd, as if I’d moved back into the wrong house.  We’d knocked the guts out it before putting it back together again and I sensed the house was as shattered as we were.

We needed to put the love back into it, to give it some well deserved TLC.  Basically, to help it get its freak back on.  So decorating and faffing has been full speed ahead.  Mr Luxe is in a state of shock as he thought he’d be planting his posterior firming on the sofa for the foreseeable future and the fact that I’m finding lots of jobs for him to do is causing much frowning.

The new bathrooms were in situ and jolly nice bathrooms they were.  But the white was just not doing it for me and my creative juices were just bursting to shoot out everywhere (wow that sounds kinda weird no?).  The whole mood board thing is big at the moment but the only mood board I have is the one in my head.  And believe me, nobody wants a picture of whats going on in there!

My theme for the main bathroom was moody and dark.  It faces West so can be a little gloomy and it is also an unusually shaped space with a dormer window.  I wanted to embrace the sombreness and enhance the shape of the ceilings and the angles of the steel work.  My main paint choice was Farrow & Ball Railings with the angles of the dormer painted in B&Q Colours Feature Wall Gold Effect metallic paint.


I had already painted the basin wall in a gorgeous dusky pink colour before we moved back in which I wanted to keep so I decided to opt for a feature wallpaper on the wall behind the toilet.  There were a number of wallpaper contenders.  I loved the Cracked Tin Tile Wallpaper from Woodchip & Magnolia.

Also the Brooklyn Tin Tiles wallpaper from RockettStGeorge.

In the end I came across a gorgeous metallic tin tile version from my local B&Q when I was shopping for paint one day.  It was a perfect complement for the darkness of Railings and the lushness of the gold and it went straight in my trolley!  After a couple of days of sweaty huffing (from Mr Luxe as he applied the wallpaper, unfortunately my DIY skills cannot be trusted for this job) and quiet painting in contemplation from myself, the bathroom was finished!

Earlier on in the week I’d picked up some fabulous second-hand ornaments for a few pound and the fabulous stag head I won from Acacia Home Instagram giveaway had pride of place on one of the gold walls.   I felt it had come together really well.  The room has a more intense, intimate feel now, exactly what I was after.

As always, thanks for reading.


G x


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