Mini Bedroom Revamp - Part 1

I am a mahoosive fan of a revamp.  I love seeing how a room can be switched with some simple changes.  It doesn’t always have to cost a huge amount of money either.  The next instalment of Revamp Restyle Reveal has started over on Instagram and it looks like it’s going to be a totally fabulous one!  There’s some inspiring Instagrammers involved, including gorgeous Katty from @onefoursix.  If you’re not following get following now!

Over at Luxe HQ I’ve been inspired to do my own mini Revamp Restyle Reveal.  Our master bedroom has bugged me ever since we moved back in after the renovation.  We gave it a quick lick of non-descript grey paint and left it at that.  I’ve concentrated on the main living areas so far, making budget changes that pack a big impact. 

Both of the children’s bedrooms were redecorated but our bedroom has remained at the bottom of the list.  I think your bedroom is an important space not only in terms of aesthetics but also for your mental wellbeing.  It should be a place that you can retire to after a long day and feel safe and cocooned.  The only thing I felt in our bedroom was the urge to pull the wallpaper off the wall.  This was something that did actually happen one night when I hopped out of the shower.  Dripping wet, I was driven by an insatiable urge to rip it off there and then.  Which I did, much to Mr Luxe’s amusement when he returned from football later that evening.

So now I’m left with a partially painted room, an oak bed frame that I hate and one lopsided bedside table lamp.  I had to revamp it somehow but with an extremely limited budget. Fortunately I am not one to be deterred from a challenge and I wanted to share with you guys how I've done it.  Hopefully it will inspire you to give that loathed room you've been avoiding a refresh that doesn't break the bank.

As I've talked about on my previous blog Being Brave, I generally start with how I want to feel in a space before making any decisions.  Our home is a nut house.  We have children, a tribe of pets and Mr Luxe who is the messiest man I have ever encountered.  It may look all serene and tidy in my Instagram shots but generally that is because a skip load of crap has been scraped to one side behind the camera.

So Mr Luxe and I needed a retreat that we could escape to after a hard day.  Somewhere that would find the last fiber of calm in our tortured little minds.  I'm not a massive Scandi fan but I was intrigued to investigate how I could incorporate aspects of it but still have my trademark Luxe edge.  I've been a HUGE lover of palm print wallpaper and when I came across the Koziel Ivy Wallpaper from Rockett St George I fell hard and fast.  It was £40 per roll.

I touched on fringing in my last post chatting about Summer Interior Trends 2018 and I was keen to incorporate it somewhere in this room.  My idea was to create an illusion of depth against the Ivy wallpaper by attaching a row of fringing to the ceiling a few inches away from it.  I found some cheap fringing from Ebay for £3.95 that seemed perfect for the job.

Then my thoughts turned to lighting.  The current lopsided attempt just wasn't going to cut the mustard anymore.  Stupidly when the house was renovated we just stuck rows of inane spot lights in into the ceiling and thought that would be that.  If anyone is doing a renovation I would urge you to think really carefully about where you locate your light fixings.

I was desperate for some height in our bedroom.  On Instagram I had been following the amazing @theknottedtouch for some time.  Not only did they produce fab macrames they also created pendant lights that could be plugged into the wall.  It took me no time at all to fall for these oche ombre beauties.  Against the green of the ivy I was certain they would look cracking suspended on either side of the bed.

With time being like gold dust, I opted to leave the remaining two walls grey.  On the largest wall of the room I found a white, planked wood effect from B&Q that not only looked the part but didn't break the budget as well at £16 per roll.  The planks stretched horizontally which I thought would help increase the sense of space in a room which isn't that big.

 When I'm decorating I'm like the biggest kid!  I get so excited by all the different stages.  For me though it has to be the accessories that completely bring a room together and make all the different aspects work. For a bit of an edge I'd be looking towards the tribal necklace from my Luxeology range.  Styled with golden Peggy Parrot for a bit of kitsch and the round jute rug for some floor layering.

Tune in next time to see how my mini revamp restyle reveal pans out! Have a look over at our shop items for some inspiration for your own revamp.

TTFN lovers

G x

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