National Houseplant Week 2021

It's 2021 and the biophilic trend lives on!
This year we are giving national houseplant a Luxeology Home twist and you know we don't do things by halves. Whilst we confess we don't have that magic green thumb that keeps real plants alive and thriving, we do instead have an insanely realistic range of fabulous faux plants.

Faux vs Real

In our opinion faux plants are far superior to real plants and there's so many reasons why. Firstly they don't die... this is a biggy if your notorious for under feeding or over feeding plants, is there actually a right amount? If there is, we haven't found it! If your anything like us, live plants may not have a fighting chance in your home and that why faux plants are elite! They don't require much upkeep either which means you have much more time for going on a walk, online shopping or whatever it is we're still allowed do these days. Faux plants look good all year round, you don't have to worry about the season. If you want tropical plants in winter you can have them! Another fantastic thing about faux plants is they don't always have to look realistic, if your feeling a bit extra then why not get it in gold! Lastly they are so versatile and easy to move about and rearrange making for the most incredible displays. 


Stems and Sprays

If you like a bit of variety in your floral displays then stems and sprays are the way to go. With so much choice you can mix and match to create striking bouquets or you can simply display a single attractive stem in a stunning vase. We also love the way stems look delicately placed in a basket. The options are endless when it comes to stems and sprays.


Potted Plants

Potted plants can come in all shapes and sizes and the best part is theres no mucking around with mud and planting them. If you want to place them in larger pots or a basket its super easy. So whether you want small and sweet or big and bold we're here to deliver.


Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are our absolute favourite as they are so diverse and can easily take an interior scheme to the next level. There is something so intrinsic about a plant hanging beautifully in the air whilst its leaves delicately trail below.


What better time is there to celebrate gorgeous plants and foliage that help to uplift our spirits and bring joy to home interiors. 

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