New online shop LUXEOLOGY launch

On a number of occasions I thought we would never get there.  But we did and Luxeology online shop is finally live and kicking!

I am absolutely thrilled to launch Luxeology.  It is the perfect platform to celebrate all things luxe and to share tips and ideas on the blog.  We’ve had a fantastic first week and have sold out of the iconic Zebra print rug.  I’ve got more on order so we will be restocking very soon!

I’m passionate about combining high end and vintage finds together. 

In my own home I’m a crusader for upcycling and sourcing inspiring trinkets.  It was only natural that I would want to combine this in some way on the shop.  Hopefully the vintage section of the shop will be a success and you will enjoy the eclectic collection of pieces as much as I do.

I wanted to take a little look at some of my favourite pieces on Luxeology, so here is a run-down of my top 5.

  1. Gold Octopus Candle Stick Holder

This is such a conversation starter.  And I mean who doesn’t love an octopus?  I have been in search of neon pink candles for some time for this gorgeous piece.  If anyone comes across any please give me a shout… The octopus candle holder is the perfect addition to any sideboard.  How about combining it with the octopus bottle holder for your drinks cart?

  1. Metallic Cushions

The rose gold/bronze and gold/silver metallic cushions are such a luxe addition to any sofa and surprisingly child friendly with their wipe clean surface.  Super dazzling and great value for money, I would combine the metallic cushions with the Palm Tree cushion for a cool Miami Vice vibe.  They also look fabulous styled with a Boho fringed cushion, the clash of textures and styles is so cool.

  1. Exclusive prints

Here at Luxeology we are so lucky to collaborate with Asger Onsberg Christiansen from Norture Studio.  Young and talented, Asger is mashing up the idea of traditional wall art with vibrant and playful digital prints.  At Luxe HQ we are huge animal lovers so to have a horse decorated with flowers or an elephant with butterfly ears on the wall is a definite hit.

  1. Brass Palm Tree Lamp

Before I even launched Luxeology I coveted this stunning lamp.  For me it was one of those buys that I just had to have.  You know the ones where if you don’t your life may never be the same?  Yes?  No?  Well it’s been a game changer of a lamp.  Heavy and solidly made, it screams luxury and decadence.  In my house it sits proudly on top of my £26 upcycled sideboard, my point that luxe and vintage can stroll hand in hand.


  1. Ornamental grass in galvanised pot

I’m a HUGE fan of plants in all shapes and sizes.  I combine faux and real in my home to great success.  Plants have literally changed the way I feel about my home.  If you’ve read previous blog posts you will know about my adversity to any living green things but I am now a massive convert. 

I love mixing in the faux as well.  Sometimes it just might not be practical for a plant to survive in a particular location in the home.  This is where faux plants can offer such a variety of choice.  We plan to increase our selection of faux horticulture at Luxeology.  Currently we stock two styles of grass.

The first has large plumes of feathery white tufts.  It’s extremely realistic and you’re compelled to touch it to establish if it is indeed faux.  The white variety of grass looks fabulous in front of my recently painted pink ombre wall. 

We’ve also dabbled with a little ultra violet in the form of the purple version, which has flowers similar in shape to an iris.

So there it is…my top 5 Luxeology pieces!

I’ve loved the reaction from friends and family after they have viewed the products on the shop.  Some range from ‘I like grey’ to ‘it’s a bit expensive for our penny pinching taste’. 

Luxeology is not for the faint of heart.  It doesn’t walk the magnolia line.  We want to be as far away from magnolia as is humanly possible.  It won’t be for everyone.  But for those that KNOW, you KNOW.

Speak soon gorgeous people.  And remember, live outside the box.  It’s rather fun out here.


G x

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