No Need to Blow The Doors Off...

Grab a cuppa and join us for a look at some fabulous suggestions to make January that little bit more bearable and a hell of a lot more luxey! 

We all know the feeling when Christmas is over. 

When you're 95% Camembert and 5% chocolate orange and the fridge screams every time you come near. When your deflated after putting away the ever-so-carefully arranged paper stars and bored after hoovering up glitter for hours.

Then comes the lull...

That restless, anti-climaxed, post-Christmas-mid-diet mood that creeps in when the house is empty of its tinsel inflicted sparkle and there's no more excuses to drink alcohol at 11 am and crack open the Quality Street with a cheery "welllllllll, IT IS Christmas!".

BUT - we are here to say DON'T PANIC!

There is absolutely no need to hate your house and feel like you to need to throw everything out and start again (and believe me, we have been guilty of thinking this too on occasion!).  By concentrating on a few key areas, we promise that you can make a big impact and have you falling in love with your home all over again.

So here are some of our top suggestions for making small changes that pack a BIG IMPACT.

Create a welcoming entrance area

Your entrance hall is the first thing that guests come face to face with when entering your home.  Not only this, but it can sometimes be a high traffic and often stressful area of the home if not organised right.  First things first, make yourself a new years resolution to have a shout free exit to the school run by getting rid of doorway chaos and adding useful baskets for organising shoes and keys etc.

Create a cheerful style spot by positioning a console table with a sexy table lamp and adorn with a beautiful mirror over and storage underneath for stashing away all those necessary but ugly trappings of everyday life.  If you don't have the space for a console, fix a space saving shelf to the wall and style with a few of your favourite carefully chosen accessories and a large mirror to help create a sense of space and to bounce light around.

A super easy and effective way to instantly update your hallway is by introducing a new floor rug.  Neutral walls but fancy a bit of colour?  Opt for a daring Leopard Print Rug which will not only inject your home with devastatingly delicious pattern, but also it exceptionally practical at not showing up the wear of tear of messy feet.

Refresh, renew

We adore the idea of moving away from fast interior trends that come and go and opting for a more sustainable approach to styling your home.  
This is why we are huge advocates of buying wise and buying well so that your decor can move fluidly throughout your home and be restyled and redistributed into different rooms.  Shopping your own home can be extremely satisfying and you'll be able to save the pennies whilst still experiencing that wonderful impact of change around your whole home.
But wait...hold onto your horses!  This doesn't mean we are suggesting you buy BORING!  Oh no, far from it!  An ultra maximalist and utterly daring Giraffe Floor Lamp could look dazzling displayed with gusto in your living room.... and then when you feel the urge for a change, move this mighty beauty to the dining room where you can create a bold and brave new styling vibe.
Ultimately, our motto here at Luxeology Home is to buy what you LOVE.  Never ever buy what your head tells you is the most practical choice when your heart is screaming something else entirely different.  If you buy homeware that fills you with joy you'll be far more inclined to restyle in other areas of your home when you feel like the need for a change. 

Small changes can make a huge impact

Get your living room January ready with a quick and easy freshen up update!

New cushions, throws and lustrous rugs will totally reinvent your space and with absolutely no effort and no decorating.  Feel the impact these simple changes can make, not only to your mood but also the way you feel when in your home.  Changing up the cushions on your sofa can give it a whole new lease of life, just as draping a luxurious fur throw over one end of the sofa will give your lounge a gorgeous cosy feel.

Sometimes a small change can be as simple as adding a few strips of dazzling new wallpaper to your interior.  Our fabulous new Delftware Wallpaper features layer upon layer of utterly enthralling hand-painted blue and white delftware plates.  Now don't be put off by thinking that wallpaper is a big undertaking.  Paste the wall wallpaper is actually pretty easy to hang, especially if you are wanting to use just the one roll by adding a few strips to create a tantalising new feature.

Shop our full collection of exclusive wallpaper over on our website.

Invigorate your space with fresh scents & flickering candles

Dark January nights can be foreboding.  So bring in that positive New Year vibe by introducing beautifully scented candles into your home and matching your candle scent in the kitchen and living room to carry the 'I've got my life together' vibe throughout your home.

Not only will the wonderful aroma of scented candles lift your spirit, the delightful flickering light will create a warm and cozy ambiance perfect for relaxing in at the end of a long day.  
The perfect addition to a shelf, side board or coffee table, a gorgeous contemporary Candle Holder will create a mesmerising style spot in the daytime and when lit with glimmering candle light in the evening, an utterly enthralling and beautiful night time focal point.  For an even more dazzling scene, group together a collection of votive holders on a stylish tray on your coffee table.

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