Perfectly Imperfect


I'm not keen on the word PERFECT.

I've always believed that the pursuit of perfection only leads to disappointment.  I also believe that perfection shouldn't be expected or desired.  After all, life is too short to worry about eating that delicious cake don't you think?  

This belief also applies to interiors.

When I think of PERFECT homes quite honestly the word that pops to mind is... BORING!

Recently over on Instagram I've been teasing our followers with some videos of a house tour of my home.  It's no secret that the Luxeology Home brand was built on sharing images of my home on Instagram.  As I've mentioned before, I adore Instagram (and Pinterest) for the inspiration and sharing of ideas that it affords its followers.  These social media platforms are a melting pot of creativity with people decorating and creating new things all the time.  If you let it, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy, which is not good at all!

Your home should make you feel wonderful!  It should be the place where you can truly relax and be yourself, where you can embrace your pursuit of happiness and spend quality time with your family and friends.  When you start appraising homes with eyes that are seeking perfection nothing but disillusionment will be found.

I'm going to share a little secret with you.

I look at pictures and videos of interiors all day, every day, and I can always find something that inspires me.  Yet recently when it came to sharing a video of my own home I felt a real sense of apprehension and some niggling doubts rose in my mind.

What if someone doesn't like it?

What if the video bombs?

What if, worst of all, a follower leaves a negative comment?

So this got me to thinking... what the heck was going on here?

Home interiors are deeply, deeply personal.  

Luxeology Home as a brand was founded on the basis that we refuse to be safe.  We say no to sticking to tried and tested and instead choose to be faithful to the things that make us tick.  We promised ourselves to always be marmite.  To push and test the conventional idea of what makes a home BEAUTIFUL.  We know who our tribe are and we see YOU.  Not everyone is going to like us and that's OK.

Because after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So with this in mind, I gave myself a little head shake.  

I LOVE my home.  It's the place where my beautiful children come home to, a haven for them to be safe and cherished and utterly themselves.  My home is a place where our fur babies ABSOLUTELY and quite rightly,  RULE the roost.  Where you can't sit down without something warm and fluffy nuzzling it's way onto your lap for a cuddle.  Where your food will almost always include a pet hair of some description (sorry guests, the little blighters just get everywhere!).  As I write this very blog, a Maine Coone seeking attention is forcefully attempting to lay on my Macbook.



My home is not just my creative playground, it is also the place that shelters my soul from the harsh reality that life can sometimes be.  It is not perfect, far from it.  There are rooms not finished, walls with peeling wallpaper, wardrobes overflowing with clothes from lack of storage... but it is OURS.  And it is perfectly imperfect.

So gorgeous people, if I could give you all one piece of advice, it would be to quit seeking and instead STOP.  Look at what you have.  I mean, really, really look at it.  Quite often it is ever so easy to fall back in love with your space.  A simple little addition of some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase can totally uplift both you and your home.  Swapping out some cushions for fresh and vibrant new ones can be a cost effective way of giving your lounge a whole new vibe.

And with this piece of advice firmly in my mind, I will be sharing my home tour with pride and be glad to invite you all into this part of my home life.  

Head to @Luxeologyhome Instagram stories to see more.

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Because who cares what anyone else thinks?! Right?

Stay fabulous! x




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