Six Tips For Arranging Furniture

One of the toughest interior dilemmas I believe is deciding how to arrange furniture.  It is so important to get this right but don’t be intimidated.  Equally the best aspect of decorating is the infinite possibilities.  So don’t be scared to try new things, even start completely from scratch if need be.  Here are my top 6 points to consider.


  1. It’s got to be comfortable

I’m all for a bit of style but never at the expense of substance.  If you’re using your living room to watch TV then arrange your sofas to the optimum position so you can do this comfortably.  There’s no point your living room looking super stylish if it doesn’t serve its purpose and you get a crick in your neck every time you want to watch Eastenders.

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  1. Don’t do matchy matchy

Now this is one that I am currently guilty of and I’m literally climbing the walls to change.  There’s nothing worse than three piece suites.  Take a trip down memory lane to the seventies when matchy matchy was at its height.  A room needs balance no doubt but when sofas match it makes me cringe.  In all honesty, having one three seat sofa and a pair of gorgeous arm chairs is massively better.

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  1. Remember to contrast

Continuing on from point 2, don’t match sofa material to arm chair material.  A colour clash can look stunning but if you’re not brave enough why not incorporate shades that complement one another but in contrasting textures.  A plain velvet sofa looks striking next to a daring patterned armchair.

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  1. Nobody puts baby in the corner

Now I know we’re not all blessed with expansive living rooms, BUT wherever possible don’t push your sofas up against a wall.  If you think it will make the room look more spacious you’re wrong.  You end up with a peculiar chunk of unusable space in the centre of the room.  Just giving your sofa 12 inches of breathing space can give the illusion of an airier, more spacious room.


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  1. Zone it

Open plan living remains ever popular.  At Luxe HQ we have zoned our open-plan living area by using different flooring and darker paint.  It creates a cozy seating area framed with the large glass doors into the garden.  Furniture can also be used to create zones.  Make sure you give it foundations with a floor rug and any sofas or chairs should be positioned with feet on the rug. 

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  1. No seat should be lonely

How sad does an armchair look all by itself out in the wilderness?  And more to the point, what are you going to do when you’re sitting there?  So an armchair always needs a buddy, either another armchair so two people can sit and chat together or a side table for you to rest your cup of tea (or gin and tonic).

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    I found this a really interesting read .Im going to try and put some of this into practice x thanks

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