Style That's Versatile

We think that the Leopard Love Velvet Occasional Chair may just be the most stunning piece we have ever seen and we're going to show you why. Firstly, it's no secret we are a little bit leopard print obsessed, we just can't get enough of it! This gorgeous oversized chair is perfect for adding drama in the most fabulous way possible, the black velvety richness is made even more glamorous by the luxurious leopard print and of course this chair would not be complete without gorgeous golden legs. This is one sexy chair!
Now for the main reason we are in LOVE with the Leopard Love Velvet Occasional Chair, it is so versatile. A chair that compliments any style, adds drama without being out of place and makes you feel like royalty. That's a chair we just can't say no to.
Now that we've divulged about our love affair with this chair, we want to show you just how versatile it really is. 



This bold chair may seem like it wouldn't fit in with a toned-down elegant aesthetic but when we say it's an all rounder we really mean it. The embodiment of glamour, the Leopard Love Velvet Chair elevates a classic sophisticated scheme. The perfect feature piece in any room, this statement chair can add vital layering to a toned-down minimalist look which will level up your style.


We are all for black and gold accents teamed with plenty of gorgeous greenery. When we say the Leopard Love Velvet Occasional Chair is versatile we mean it. It's rare to find a chair that has so much detail on the back of it, in fact it can be often forgotten and then chairs are just pushed up against a wall but not this chair! The velvety curves and intricate detailing mean that this chair can be placed anywhere and look fabulous. Try styling it with luscious plants scattered around to draw even more attention!


If you're one for a biophilic scheme with an abundance of animals, then this will be more your vibe. The Leopard Love Velvet Chair will be the envy of all your friends and family. It's very hard to find a piece of furniture that's chameleon like in it's nature, it can be moved between settings amplifying the aesthetics throughout. 


The Leopard Love Velvet Occasional Chair can hold its own in a maximalist scheme, whether it's the standout piece that ties the room together or whether it adds value amongst a host of outrageous pieces, the end result is the same... One game changing chair!
Some chairs are built to last. Some chairs are designed for style. Some chairs just have it all! The Leopard Love Velvet Occasional Chair is luxuriously wide to snuggle up in and has curves in all of the right places. So, if you're looking for something extraordinary that will be right at home with your interior aesthetic then this is the chair for you!

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