Style Your Home With Love

Our philosophy at Luxeology Home is that styling should never be something that happens overnight.

Curating a home that is individually yours and tells the story of who you are takes time.  Homes that speak your own personal language of love evolve over many years.  With the opportunity to swap out and change as you see and feel fit, art work is one of the most deeply personal aspects of your home.

Here we look at some of our top tips to help you bring together the perfect display.


It can be difficult these days to know what your individual style really is.  With so many external influences from Instagram to TikTok, it can be hard to decide on a particular style that feels like you.  We suggest listening to your heart and going with your gut instinct.  Seek out those special pieces of art and homeware that make you smile, that fill you with joy whenever you see them.

When you love a piece of homeware or art it becomes so much easier to style your interior around it.  

Large Colonial Crackle Glaze Jar £79 | Luxury Leopard Small Jar £52 | Yellow You Rock Candle Hand £34.95 | Purple Surprised Basset Hound £45 | Divine Crocodile Candle Holder £45 | ceramic plates various designs £13


When it comes to creating a style spot it is so important to not leave out the little details.  This could be in the form of small quirky flock busts, a jovial animal ornament or funky fringe on a cushion.  Think small details and the bigger picture will fall into place much more easily.

Over time you will collect little treasures that will be a source of memories to you and these are the delights that will elevate your home and speak volumes about who you are within your space.


Tall Hand-Blown Marble Bottle £32 | The Forbidden Apple Gold Ornament | Ronnie the Ram Bust £24 | White Velvet Lion Cushion with Fringe £48


We are big advocates of changing paint and wallpaper on your walls but this can be time consuming and costly to do on a regular basis.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to instantly revamp your interior is with art work and wall decor.

A fabulous quirky canvas can be a totally transformative update to your wall.  We often speak about 'style spots' and the best way of explaining this is to envisage a frame in your mind and visually style a collection of homewares within it.  This may include a show-stopping piece of art as the focal point with a beautiful lounge chair and side table.  

Shimmering Gold Angel Wings £249 | Audubon Flamingo Wall Art £95 | Large Gold Elephant Wall Decor £89


A home that speaks to the heart should always include plenty of texture.  This may be in the form of a velvet cushion, a wool animal rug on the floor, pampas grass displayed in a beautiful vase... it is the variations in texture that will create visual stimulation to the eye and ultimately a home to treasure.

When styling a console table or sideboard always consider the height of the objects to place on it.  Select a compilation of decorative ornaments in a variety of heights that will tempt and delight the eye.

The Pink Pencil Canvas - £183/£418/£687 | Copper Wave Ceramic Vase Large and Medium £65/£116 | Black & Gold Zebra Jar | Eliza Gold Snake Candle Holder £42 | Ginkgo Table Lamp £215 | Daliesque Monkey Candle Holder £89 | Emelle Green Terracotta Vase £18 | Manolo Grey Paper Mache Vase £79 | Beige Iron Table Lamp with Raffia Shade £145

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