Summer Interior Trends 2018

After the longest of all winters that I’ve known since I moved to the North, a tiny sprinkling of spring may finally be upon us. 

Summer fashion trends 2018

February and March saw the whirlwind of all the major fashion shows.  So with fashion month behind us it’s time to see how the trends from Milan, Paris, London and NY will influence our home interiors this summer.


Oliver Bonas

I started noticing the trend for everything fringed last year and it will continue to be even bigger as 2018 progresses.  Whether its partnered with luxe velvets on pouffes or adding interest to boho cushions, fringing is set to get our interiors sexy.

Lorenza Bozzoli

Calvin Clein and Helmen were flaunting the fringe trend to max impact on fashion week catwalks.  We’re talking fringed dresses, fringed bags, fringed necklines - you name it.  Fringing is set to make our home interiors swishy, sexy and touchy-feely. 

Luxe HQ is getting a master bedroom mini-makeover shortly and I am excited to be including the fringe trend, but perhaps not in the way that you would initially expect.  Watch my Instagram feed and stories– Luxe in the Cottage – for updates on how the mini-makeover progresses.  I shall also be writing an upcoming blog with my mood board for the room.

Palm Beach Glamour

Living Etc - Sophie Robinson Interiors

The trend for palms continues but in a darker, moodier fashion.  Last season saw palm patterns paired with bright backgrounds and sweet, pastel colours. 

Summer 2018 trends will still see those gorgeous pinks remain but patterns will get more industrial.  Think palm patterns but darker, combined with tribal patterns and hand crafted textiles.  Lovely touchy-feely textures, layered to create lush room-scapes.


Luxeology features a flipping fabulous Palm Lamp made of brass.  It adds instant glamour and can be styled up on down.  So for contemporary chic keep it simple with natural colours, fringed cushions and rustic materials.  Luxe it up with velvet greens, sparkly lights and neon.

Palm Lamp available at Luxeology.

Orange desk lamp, Purple Basset Hound and Antique White HRH Crown - all Luxeology

80s chic

Atlanta Homes & Interiors

I am a huge fan of eighties fashion.  All that big hair, shoulder pads and bright colours, sharp shapes and what about all those puff sleeves.  When you think of how this will translate to home interiors, it gives me loads of good feels. 

The Independent

Our family home in the eighties boasted a dreamy pink bathroom suite and faux brass taps.  Imagine the fun when decades later we’re all going nuts for everything brass.  The fringed pouffes that my grandparents rested their suede mocasins on…it’s all coming back and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Smoked Glass Floor Lamp available at Luxeology

This time around though it’s going to be less Miami Vice and more maximalism with an edge. Get the cool laid back Miami vibe with our Hello neon.


Percy Pigeon at Luxeolgy

We are HUGE animal lovers here at Luxe HQ.  As many of you know we have a tribe of animals that are much adored and a massive part of our family structure.  Animals feature strongly in our Luxeology home interiors collection as well.

The home accessories collection includes fabulous colour pop basset hounds, pigeon ornaments, flamingo table lamps…  We also have a completely unique collection of digital prints with a twist.  Think spectacle wearing deer’s and elephants with butterfly wings for ears.

Flowerphant Print available at Luxeology

Deer Print available at Luxeology

Wallpaper continues to feature animal prints in all shapes and species.   Woodchip & Magnolia have added cool insect print wallpaper to their range.  Beetle Jewels is available in a number of colour ways it adds a luxe, unusual and quirky edge to walls.


Wabi-Sabi and Tribal

Not being a Hygge fan, I’m pleasantly surprised to see the introduction of Wabi-Sabi this season, a trend that finds beauty in imperfection. 


A traditional Japanese philosophy, my interpretation is that of crumpled, lived in bedding, cherry blossom colours and rustic, well-loved materials.  I will be looking to combine Wabi-Sabi with a luxe vibe, so mixing in some brass accents and a layering of velvet. 

Tribal Necklace available at Luxeology

The idea of crumpled bed linen really appeals to me, not just because it would result in no ironing either.  The concept of finding beauty is imperfection taps into the insecure part of me, the one inhibited by my crooked teeth and wonky nose.  Imperfection makes us unique so it can only do great things for our interiors too.

Vintage Mug - available at Luxeology

See you next time!

G x

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