Textured Walls Trend

Here at Luxeology we're always looking for the next big thing in interiors and something that became wildly popular in 2020 and doesn't seem to be going out of style any time soon is textured wall finishes. 

You may remember the old fashioned wood chip walls that plagued every inch of homes growing up, or the enduring Angalypta wallpaper which it would seem has been around longer than time itself. 

The importance of surfaces is being recognised, previously this crucial base layer to any design has been neglected, with people opting for stark finishes and adding interest through the use of decor instead or opting for old fashioned textured surfaces without considering the aesthetic that this adds or takes away from an interior scheme but now we are seeing a rise of detailed design with wall and floor surfaces being truly embraced and experimented with.

Lets talk about the key benefits of textured walls. Firstly adding texture to a wall can help to hide flaws without the need for expensive labour.

If you like a more neutral colour palette and aren't a fan of bold prints you can elevate your single coloured walls, with the use of texture you can create dimensional layering which will have a more powerful impact on your home interior.

Textured walls can easily change the aesthetic of a room and alter the perception of the space, if you have a smaller room, adding texture to your walls can make the room appear larger. Applying a textured finish or appearance to a wall will add depth and dimension to an interior scheme. It's a very effective way of elevating your interiors without having to add a ton of extra details to your design. 

The best part is there are so many ways you can add texture to your walls. 

We're huge fans of wallpaper, it has the ability to completely transform a space and create illusions of depth. With such a wide variety of wallpaper out there, you can easily find something to suit your personal style. For us, the bolder the better!

Another way to add texture to your walls is through wood panelling, there has been a huge rise of wood panelling in homes over the past couple of years and more and more DIY novices are taking on the task with great results. 

Pictured above you can see a combination of wood panelling and our Cane Webbing Wallpaper in Natural with our Wainscoting Wallpaper in White.

A less permanent way to add texture to a wall is to add wall hanging decor. Why not consider hanging a rug on your walls, not only does this have sound absorbing properties which is perfect for larger rooms with an echo but it's a great way of filling your vertical space with texture, colour and warmth. If rugs on walls isn't your thing then you could instead opt for a large and dramatic mirror, print or alternative hanging wall decor.

A more difficult style to achieve but one that is oh so glorious and durable is fresco walls. Pigments applied to wet plaster are absorbed into the surface of the wall, resulting in a beautifully vibrant and textured surface.

How incredible is this fresco mural by ASTER MURO.

Walls are becoming more tactile in nature, attention is being paid to breaking away from plain, uninspiring forms and adding layers and movement with a huge focus on the positive value that texture can add to an interior design.

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