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Its here baby…I predicted a riot. Terrazzo is THE 2018 trend

I am proud to say I was thrashing around at the forefront of the Terrazzo trend with my brave table makeover.  I needed a finish to withstand the daily strain of a household of nut jobs.  I am pleased to say the terrazzo effect sticky back vinyl purchased from Amazon has done an amazing job.  Not only does it wipe clean after the daily coating of ketchup/dribble/gravy/cat food.  It also looks super realistic and makes the dining area look so much more stylish.  In celebration I wanted to take a look at some of my top terrazzo home buys.

So a terrazzo trend I hear you say?  Really?  Yesssssss!

I’m sure some of you will remember terrazzo floors from the good old hey days of the seventies and eighties.  It was predominantly used in schools and government buildings.  Although now it is becoming more a luxury product, then it was seen as a cheap flooring alternative.  Terrazzo actually dates back much further, as far as 9000 B.C.  to be exact.  The Venetians started off the trend seeking a low cost option to surface the terraces surrounding their properties.  They used broken up pieces of marble set into clay then polished it smooth with stones.

Image Credit Modern Times

Terrazzo is the Italian word for ‘terraces’!

Fast forward a few thousand years and terrazzo has become more of a luxe product.  In my dining room I’ve mixed it with deep green walls and accents of blush pink.  I love how the terrazzo table top adds texture to the space.  Mixing textures is something I love to do. I have Carrara marble tiles throughout the kitchen and dining area.  These were a fairly big design choice but I loved the style so much I felt I could make it work in our space

One of the features I enjoy about terrazzo is its versatility.  These days it is primarily made up of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or even glass set into a matrix of concrete or epoxy resin.  The chips can be as big or as small as you like.  This gives an infinite choice of different colour combinations and finishes.

Designers have been busy transferring this ancient material to cool home accessories.   I nearly wet myself when I came across  London based company  Dzek.  They are literally pushing the boundaries of terrazzo into fabulous and innovative directions.  Just take a look at Marmoreal designed by Max Lamb used as a kitchen worktop.  Now this particular product is going to be at the top end of interior design budgets but the high street is close behind with some tip top home accessories.

Image credit Dzek

Image credit Dzek

Here is a look at some of my favourites that I’ve spotted so far.

This beauty of a light is the Forella Terrazzo Table Lamp from BHS

It would look very cool on any sideboard and combines terrazzo with my other favourite finish – brass.


Who says terrazzo has to be confined to home interiors only?

These fabulous Nightime Holiday Dalmatian earrings are from Trouva





Oh yes…these are terrazzo cushions from Redbubble

I am seriously considering buying some to update the tired sofas in the living area



The beautiful Munari Table Lamp from Oliver Bonas wets my whistle in all the right places


Next have introduced a cool range of bathroom accessories starting at only £12, including this toothbrush tidy

Here at Luxeology we are welcoming the trend with open arms.  Our Concrete table lamp is super stylish with its terrazzo effect and you can change the bulb design to suit your taste.

Terrazzo looks amazing styled with soft pinks and pops of metallic.  Layer up your textures for a stunning mix of styles.  A gorgeous Wabi Sabi tasseled  cushion looks lush teamed with a fringed cushion.

Wabi Sabi Cushion £55

Red Fringe cushion £39

Grey Fringe Cushion £39

Hope you enjoyed!  Don't forget to tag me in on your own Terrazzo styling ideas over on Instagram

G x

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