Wallpaper Rules! OK!

My love affair with wallpaper started many years ago and has grown steadily more intense year after year.  My parents bought a dated 1930s semi-detached house when I was five and we spent many years there after renovating and decorating it.  Some of my fondest memories were made hiding under the chairs in the waiting room at MFI (does anyone remember MFI?) or squashed into a pocket of space in my dad’s Rover with a whole fitted bedroom suite wedged all around me.

My mum loved wallpaper too.  Partly because the walls were so bad in the house and they couldn’t afford to get them all replastered but also because the designs and colours available can completely change a space.  Wallpapers have funnily enough gone full circle.  Thirty-two years ago (so that makes me around twenty-five obvs) I remember my mum and dad putting up some fabulous floral wallpaper in the hallway and I’ve seen very similar ones on sale today.

I am not fussy about where I buy a product from so for me it is all about quality verses price.  There are some amazingly expensive wallpapers on the market and equally some very cheap ones.  I have tried wall coverings from each end of the spectrum and to be fair some of the cheaper ones have been absolutely fine.  In fact my main bathroom is papered in a tin tiled pattern from B&Q.  So many people have asked me where it is from and I am sure I am sensing the faint air of disappointment when I tell them it is just from the local DIY.

Leading the way with wallpaper it has to be Woodchip & Magnolia. They are not only making incredibly unique wall coverings but they are also providing them at a reasonable price.  I first noticed these guys on Instagram and have been obsessed with them ever since.  I had the opportunity to meet Nina Marika Tarnowski at the No House Rules launch party in Leeds recently and I’m ashamed to say I think I scared the life out of her with my crazy gushings.

I’m also digging their company name big time and the thesis behind it.  I mean, woodchip?  For anyone that has been cursed with this dreaded paper you will know what a nightmare it is to remove.  The great bonus with Woodchip & Magnolia however is that the wall coverings are very easy to remove as they leave no residue, something that should be music to the ears of those concerned with changing styles when they are bored or messing up perfectly plastered walls.

Wow, woodchip wallpaper and magnolia paint, all in one photo

Then there is magnolia.  Harking back to the eighties, this little beauty was everywhere and I mean everywhere.  I rented a newly built house a few years ago and was flabbergasted to the see the builder merrily slapping up this particular shade.  I asked him why when there was literally millions of shades of paint he could have chosen and he just pulled a face and said ‘well it’s neutral innit’.   I personally would like to see magnolia removed from the surface of the planet permanently.  Apart from when it relates to a certain wallcoverings company of course…

Woodchip & Magnolia create digital wallpaper with soul.  Their designs are crafted using back to the drawing board design skills and every wall covering is unique with its own story to tell.  I very recently ordered some samples for my living room and was surprised and delighted to find them packaged beautifully in pink on my door mat the next day!  Fabulous customer service to boot!

Here are the pick of my favourites (though to be fair, I could rave on about the other designs all day long too).

Marbled Flow in Blush/White – photo Woodchip & Magnolia

Marbled flow in Malachite – picture Woodchip & Magnolia

Monstera Green/Blush – picture Woodchip & Magnolia

Rumpus in Grey by Barry Spence – photo Woodchip & Magnolia

“The design entitled ‘Rumpus’ is the result of a completely spontaneous period of painting where I utilised any materials and implements I could lay my hands on in a trance like flurry of activity” Barry Spence.  I love this quote from the artist that designed Rumpus, it makes you feel like you have something very personal and unique to you in your home.

My living room redesign is due to start imminently.  The paint is on order and I am 98% sure what wallpaper I am ordering although I kinda would like a panel of each design but I fear that could be a little too far out, even for me.

Please feel free to leave any comments.  Do you have an interesting story to tell about wallpaper?  Thank you as always for reading.  G x

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