Why the Female Form is Dominating Interiors Right Now

It’s 2020 and breasts, bums and vaginas are not taboo!


The female body is truly having its moment in the spotlight and for once its open, positive and empowering instead of the vast amount of negativity women are normally made to feel when it comes to their bodies.

It’s no secret that the female form has been depicted by artists many times over the years, but this style that was once viewed indecorous is now well and truly being embraced by the interior’s world. As more people are implementing the raw beauty of the female form into their home interiors, we can’t wait to see where this aspirational trend goes. After all, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate every sexy inch of a woman’s incredible body in your home… Own it, display it and be inspired by it!

Here are some of our favourite products and people who are placing the female form on the pedestal it deserves.



We are beyond excited to be stocking the exquisite Caia Candles on our website. Named after the roman goddess of fire and women… how fitting!

Caia Candles are transforming the candle industry with their Aphrodite, Hera and Le Derriere Candles which are shaped to perfection, we are hooked on every gorgeous inch of them. Did we mention these handmade candles are 100% natural and vegan friendly… they really are the perfect addition to every home. 

You can find them here: https://luxeology.co.uk/collections/candles




Image Credit: Sophie Tea Art


Sophie is an incredible artist whose Send Nudes collection is all about body positivity and empowering women of every shape and size. She disrupted the industry when she asked her followers to send nudes in order to act as real life muses. On top of painting the most stunning and inspiring artwork Sophie has also painted real life nude bodies and proudly exhibited them, most recently seen on a nude catwalk at her Carnaby street gallery. We are completely in awe of her and we continue to watch closely as she takes the art industry by storm.

Visit Sophie Tea Art online: https://www.sophieteaart.com/nudes-2




We know this is not strictly just the female form but we couldn’t resist including our Shady Lovers Floor Lamp. I mean just look at that cracking arse! It's no wonder that home décor has embraced this new trend with open arms.

The Shady Lovers Floor Lamp Is the perfect statement light for any home, it features a couple caught in a passionate embrace. Finished in a stunning antique silver with an extra-large floral velvet shade, this piece exudes glamour. DID I MENTION THAT CABOOSE!

Take a peek for yourself: https://luxeology.co.uk/collections/lighting/products/shady-lovers-floor-lamp 




Image Credit: Jes Rose Viynl


Jes Rose Viynl owned by Manchester business woman Jes Toole recently launched their Boobs charity edition vinyl and we are so in love! Not only is this remarkable and completely inspiring vinyl debuting real and beautiful variations of women’s breasts but 20% of proceeds are being donated the charity Breast Cancer Now.

These gorgeous boobs were designed by the lovely Tara Slinger - @ourlayeredhome (if you’re not already following her home account, you are missing out)

In addition to running her booming vinyl business Jes also runs @LoftNQ where she shares her eclectic home and has recently shared her own breast reduction story and how it has changed her life for the better! BE-YOU-TIFUL.

 Shop this collection at: https://jesrose.co.uk/



Lastly we want to talk about The Venus De Milo which we have available on our website, famously sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch, this sculpture has been transformed into home décor which is every eclectic lovers dream.
Its flocking marvellous! Available in Lime and Light Blue, such a striking statement piece. We adore her!
With amazing artists and products like these its no wonder that the female form is absolutely dominating interiors right now!

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