Understand the art of things and complete your interior with one of these striking round works. Due to the UV-resistant and waterproof nature of the premium aluminum material, you can endlessly enjoy your own mini gallery at home. Both in and outside.

What is a Spherico? 

Every Sferico is custom-made for you.

A Sferico is made of Premium Dibond Material of 3 mm thick. Dibond is a three-layer sandwich panel. The material consists of two aluminum outer layers with a polyethylene core layer in between. One of the great advantages of Dibond is that it is weather, wind and temperature resistant.

The advantages of Premium Dibond material

Dibond is a very versatile material with many advantages. The main advantages of a Sferico can be found below:

✓ A Sferico is weather resistant - UV resistant and waterproof. A Sferico can therefore be hung both indoors and outdoors

✓ A Sferico is lightweight and therefore easy to handle 

✓ A Sferico is very strong. Dibond is flat and does not bend easily, ideal for indoor or outdoor use! 

✓ Each Sferico comes with a free hanging system. This way you can have your beautiful art work in its desired place in no time!


Hanging a Sferico is very easy. It is important to go through the steps below carefully before you can enjoy your beautiful Sferico... easy as that :) 

▫️Step 1: Remove the protective film applied to the back of the Sferico 

▫️Step 2: Determine the location of the supplied mounting plate in the middle at about 25% of the top of the Sferico

▫️Step 3: Clean the chosen spot well with the included alcohol wipe.

▫️Step 4: Remove the protective foil that is applied to the back of the Sferico (and of course the foil from the suspension plate).

▫️Step 5: Stick the suspension plate on the chosen spot and press it firmly for at least 30 seconds

▫️Step 6: Pressurize the suspension plate with a heavy object. Let the Sferico rest for at least 1.5 hours (with the heavy object on top)

▫️Step 7: Wait at least 24 hours before hanging the Sferico. This way you are 100% assured that your Sferico will stay neatly in it place.